5 Tips to Get Your Bond Back in Full When Moving Out

February 27, 2020 -

Getting your bond back in full when switching homes is hard and requires a lot of work. Here at Optima Cleaners we have prepared a short list of five tips you can follow, which will guarantee your property manager will be happy and release your full deposit fast.

1. Follow a Checklist

There is only one way for you to comply with the standards of every single property manager on this planet and probably in the universe. It is abiding to the requirements they have, namely to the RTA checklist. Whichever path you decide to take, please bear in mind that the number one rule is always having your checklist printed and make sure you clean all areas in it and tick them afterwards. There are numerous cases where checklists have saved millions of lives, and it’s no brainer that it just works great for long and complex processes like Bond cleaning service. And to elaborate on the subject, we need to stress on the fact it is not a coincidence there is the good-better-the best in every aspect of life. Because any job can always get done better, but the challenge is to reach the ‘Standards for cleanliness of the property manager,” which could be extremely challenging, and this is why we use the analogue called clean-sparkling-bond clean. Yes, you need to cover all 64 items from the checklist, but you also need to make property shining or at least this is what property managers expect. So it’s time to roll the sleeves and make sure each of those items are covered. A funny way to accomplish that is to set another two columns in the checklist called “Sparkling” and “Bond Clean”. Simple and easy.

2. Make a Great First Impression

The old cliche “there is no second chance for firs first impression” applies in every way to the bond cleaning as well. There are certain areas which we call “psychological items”, which we need to make shining to make the first impression just right. Needless to say, the property managers would be much less prone to find missed areas. It’s just how the brain works – whatever we focus on, usually happens. The same applies here. If we make property managers focus on the clean areas, they will be much easier on us. So which are those areas? Here they are:

  • Windows – Making the windows as clean as you bump into them without actually seeing them is a must. Being able to see the green grass outside or the clean balcony changes the whole game. The inspector usually puts the “pink glasses” after making sure the windows are cleaned thoroughly.
  • Smell – There is a famous experiment in which Procter and Gamble created a product that pretty much makes any bad smell vanish. They never gather success without although it sounded promising. The reason is subconsciously people accept clean not as “absence of bad smell” but instead as a presence of “clean smell”. So we highly recommend leaving the property smelling fresh after you are done cleaning.
  • Sparkling Oven – If the oven, stove top, range hood and splash back looks clean, then the whole property is clean. As you know food is our sacred thing.

3. Must-do Items

Let’s face it. Sometimes we can’t cope with managing everything. Especially when you need to deal with working, looking after your kids and then manage your move-out clean. Moving our is hard and, yes, sometimes it happens that we leave everything for the last moment. So if there is one piece of advice we could give – clean those three areas with priority – the oven, bathrooms, walls. Often what happens in such scenarios is that real estates see you did the hard job and just calls you to finish it. In the worst scenario, they will just ask you to come back and finish cleaning. Because there is an alternative scenario. If you don’t do these areas perfectly, then your realtor will mostly like call their partner cleaning company to clean the whole property and hold the cost off your bond. This sucks, because often the companies the real estates use charge extra for emergency bookings, or are just a big brand which charges more to do the job properly. Either way, this is not where you want to end up. So yes, take our advice and clean the areas we have recommended above. These are the hardest and most time-consuming jobs in the bond cleaning.

4. Carpet Cleaning

In 99% of all cases, realtor requires you to have all carpets cleaned professionally. The only exception to the rule is when landlords cants to replace carpets or when they have done it not long before you move out.

In all other cases, it’s is mandatory to steam clean the carpets. And usually, small steamers don’t work. They require a professional hot water extraction machine, with two vacuums and a high-pressure pump (min 200PSI). Sometimes, however, you can get away with a smaller machine as long as you can make the carpets look fresh and deeply cleansed.

One way to do it is by hiring a machine for $45-$70 Wollies or Bunnings . But don’t forget you also need to buy chemicals for the cleaning and yeah, sadly you can only purchase whole bottles and not smaller quantities.

It would be best if you buy a pre-spray, deodorise and rinser-chemical. Also, assure you allocate enough time for picking up the machine and reading the instruction for operations. You wouldn’t want to end up blowing up the engine and having to pay the excess fee for the insurance.

5. You Don’t Have Time to Clean The Property Yourself?

If you want to save yourself the hassle of going through this whole process – forget for the first four steps and contact Optima Cleaners! We will assure a smooth, hassle-free transaction at a reasonable cost.

Ready to get your bond back in full?

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