About Us

Who Is Optima Services Group

Optima Cleaners™ is a Cleaning Franchise which serves domestic and business clients in Australia. We conduct home services of all kinds through our network of highly skilled franchisees. The way we facilitate this process is through our ability to train, coach and grow driven individuals who want to become expert cleaners.

We support our franchisees with Service Know-how, Websites, Web design and Web Development, Sales Support, Call Centre Support, Branding, CRM systems and Search Engine Management, along with many other services. In other words, we provide a full turnkey business and let franchisees focus on the most important aspect – providing excellent and great customer experience.

Our identity and relentless passion is to serve our customers and improve every day.

Our Story

Optima Services was born by the immense desire of the owner and founder Mark Wisken to create business which could be a win-win-win for all parties in the journey – customer, franchisee and franchisor. Mark’s got a diverse experience including being a both CEO and Franchisee in one of largest and most prominent Domestic Services Franchises in the world. His journey there inspired him and gave him the confidence to design a Franchise system which combines the best of all Franchise models on the market. A unique blend great people with values and as an end product we have the a business which indeed is beneficial for all parties involved.

Our Mission & Vision

At Optima Services, our vision is to empower a network of franchisees who deliver exceptional service, fostering long-lasting relationships with clients. We strive to become an integral part of Australian households, making a difference by prioritising the needs and satisfaction of our customers. This unwavering commitment to client service defines both our mission and our ultimate goal.

Our Values

We operate under a core set of values that define our approach to everything we do. These values guide our interactions with clients, franchisees, and the broader community.

  • Caring to serve
  • Willingness to exceed expectation and walk the extra mile for client
  • Willingness to learn, in every day and stay with beginners’ mind
  • Thinking “win-win-win™”
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Caring to receive and offer help and feedback;
  • We understand we need to change all time in order to stay great;
  • Proactiveness;
  • Treat everyone with great respect;

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Whether you’re seeking exceptional cleaning services for your home or business, or interested in joining our growing network of successful franchisees, Optima is here to help you achieve your goals.

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