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For many of us a bathroom is the favorite place in the house. But it is really a pleasure to spend time there only if it is clean and shining. It may seem easy to maintain cleanliness and order in the bathroom, however, as well as in many other aspects of homecare it is easier to say than to do. Because of the constant presence of moisture grout junctions become dingy, the rust covers metal objects and mirrors are accumulating condensate which leaves gray stains when it dyes up.

But is there a perfect solution for all possible cleaning issues there? We in Optima Cleaners are not looking for simple answers to complex questions. So here we would love to share with you a list of helpful tips for bathroom cleaning. Check the following several steps to make your bathroom shine.

First of all, we recommend you to start the process from the top and finish at the bottom of the room. It means that the very first step for you should be removing dust from all possible locations next to the ceiling. When it’s done we can go to other surfaces, tile and some bath facilities. And the best approach you can choose is a separate cleaning method for every material the bathroom surfaces are made from. After let’s start cleaning the floors.

This tip will be especially useful for those who has the bathroom in bright colors like white, yellow, e.g. Grout in space between tiles on the floors and walls always piles up a lot of dirt and dust. That’s why it becomes dingy and loses its original color. The best way to clean it and to preserve it for the future is next.

First step is to remove any dirt or buildup from the surface. The best option to do this is using a brush, hot water, powdered Tide and bleach. As soon as it is all clean it is time for the second step. We recommend you to use the grout pen, it covers the grout lines with a thin protective layer and blocks accumulating dirt.

The second step is to shake the pen and “prime” the tip. To do this hold the pen and press down until you get the paint flowing. Then move the pan along the grout lines and cover them with the paint. Don’t press too hard to avoid blots. In the end wipe the paint off with a paper towel or a rug. It was the third step and that’s it, you are done. This is how you can improve the appearance of your tile once and for a very long time.

Another annoying issue you can face while cleaning your bathroom is the soap scum. You can find it on many different surfaces which are intensively contacting with water. We have a great solution for you, it is natural and safe. What you need is only grapefruit and salt. Take the grapefruit, cut a piece from it and add to the surface of the fruit some salt. Scrap the soap scum adding more salt during the process. In the end properly rinse the surface with water and let it dry up. Important note, grapefruit is toxic for pets, be careful if you decide to use it.

The rust is another problem we can have in the bathroom. But it is not a big deal to get rid of it if you weaponed with our cleaning ideas. Before starting cleaning we want to warn you about using aggressive ingredients like vinegar or bleach. It will damage the acrylic or enamel surface of tubs or other objects, that’s why we recommend using less active ingredients. Lemon and salt are among them. What you need to do is to squeeze lemon over any corrupted areas. Then sprinkle salt over those spots and leave it for three or four hours. After that you need to carefully scrab the mixture away with a rug or any other microfiber cloth. In the end rinse the cleaned area with water. And you have your bathroom rust free and shining like a brand new!

If you are interested in more cleaning solutions and homecare ideas, follow us on Social Media and check our blog for new updates. We will be back soon, your Optima Cleaners team.

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