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Fleas are those little parasites that often fit comfortably in your home without understanding. They are able to live there for a long time if you do not take care of their removal. One of their favorite havens is the soft flooring – it goes deeper into the fibers and feels cozy and more secure. They are almost inconspicuous. The risk of having your pets bringing fleas from outisedе inclines to 95%.

The unfavorable is that they can multiply. At one point, you will not only get older roommates, but also all their derivatives. About 83% of the fleas develop deep in the carpets, only a few days are needed to start producing eggs, and a solid amount. Do not delay to take precautions if you notice even one flea in your home.

3 Common Mistakes in Fighting Fleas in Carpets

You use the vacuum cleaner once or too rarely and expect to eliminate fleas – small pests are very stubborn and jumping fast to save themselves. A one-time vacuum cleaner can kill some, but not everyone. If there are even a few, they will multiply again and form a whole offspring. The least thing you can do is to apply a vacuum every day – at least 14 days in a row

You do not pass through every corner of the carpet

You will not get any results if you just try to stop the number. Do not forget that everything you do is for you and your family. You need not only to use the vacuum cleaner every day, but do it hard. Keep in mind that one corner of the soft floor should not be missed, and what remains for larger squares. To avoid gaps, start from one side and follow some sequence – through horizontal or vertical lines

Do not clean the vacuum cleaner after vacuum

Do not be fooled into killing all fleas the first or second time. Some survive, albeit under the strong air jet and the brush of the vacuum cleaner. They stay alive in the electric appliance in the garbage compartment. If you are convinced or have doubts that you have fleas in your home, always throw away the garbage collected. Put it in a bag, do not pour it directly into the container

Methods to remove fleas?

Vacuum with vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner can give you serious help in dealing with small parasites, but if you use it properly and often. It can be said that this is the easiest way to clean the carpet of fleas. To be sure the results you will achieve, you need to apply a vacuum every day for two weeks. It is only then that you can move on to another option to kill the fleas. Do not allow the errors listed above, but do your best to finish this difficult task quickly.

If it makes it difficult for you to clean some hard-to-reach areas, use extra vacuum cleaner attachments. This way you will be able to reach the most favorite places of the enemies, namely the damp and dark areas that are right under the furniture. If the furniture is not too heavy, you better lift it. After cleaning from one end to the other on the carpet.

Discard garbage as far as possible. Bind it so that it can not escape the surviving individuals. This technique is reliable, but sometimes the infection is too heavy, which means you will need more aggressive measures. The need for this will be evident in a few days – if you see that there is no particular effect, do not postpone the next steps.

Chemical, physical and folk techniques to remove fleas

Use of insecticides

Much of this type of preparation could harm the cleanliness of the air in your home. The unpleasant thing is that you’ll have to use them everyday, and they kill seniors, but not their eggs. Look for insecticide to be as harmless as possible (especially for your pet and kids) and highly effective. Then the application is easy – spraying directly on the carpet and waiting for some time to work.

Once it has dried it passes with a vacuum cleaner. It is a good idea to apply this technique with a stroke – every day. It is better not to allow animals in the ward during this period of care because you can not be sure that the solution is completely harmless.

Using diatomaceous earth

You may find this method somewhat more specific, but it produces good results. The procedure will not hinder you – you have to scatter the dust in the most endangered places – on the carpet, on your pet’s bed, in the damp and dark areas under the furniture, at the door.

Keep in mind that you can not bring any diatomaceous earth into your home – consult with specialists to avoid damaging your health. The last stage is again vacuum – every day for a minimum of a week. Again dispose of the garbage as directed

Sprinkling with salt

For this method you only need salt. It is cheap, harmless and efficient. It is only necessary to disperse a certain amount of salt directly on the carpet and under the furniture if there is a section that is covered by them. Sprinkle again the bed of your pets and the door.

Leave it for about a day And apply a vacuum to every corner

Home vinegar solution

Vinegar is an ordinary ingredient that is present in every home. The positive thing about this is that the fleas do not tolerate its smell. What you need to do is mix equal parts with water and vinegar and spray with a bottle of spray. Again, be careful not to miss any part of the carpet and other favorite places for parasite life

Flea trap

Under normal conditions, it’s too hard to notice the adult fleas, and even more their eggs. They are too small and jump very fast. The flea trap will attract them and focus on where they will be eliminated. To do this, you should prepare a bowl of water and liquid soap dissolved in it.

Before you put the trap, be sure your pet has not hidden anywhere. Then place the bowl on a wall that is highly lighted. Turn on the lights and close the door. You’ll be amazed in the morning, how many drowning fleas are in the bowl.

Professional help

If none of this helps, you should seek out specialists. Call a detachment that has aggressive anti-flea means. They will sprinkle your home and destroy your enemies. Keep in mind, however, that the home can be infected again very quickly if the animals bring you new fleas from outside. You must take preventive measures against this. You could also call a professional carpet cleaning company. They will eliminate any parasite and refresh the carpet.

Thanks to the equipment available to specialized companies, you can be sure of the good results. On the other hand, you can also be completely calm about the environmentally friendly products they use.

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