Can sharing household chores make relationships better and family happier?

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For ages, most of the household chores were solely an obligation of women. The traditional vision of family organization foresees a very certain distribution of duties at home and unsurprisingly the most of the work each time lays on women’s shoulders. According to recent studies, in families which have from low to moderate level of income women are responsible for the most of work, which respectively leads to the low psychological satisfaction level. This affects the relations in the family as well as the overall life satisfaction level. The unfairness of this is obvious especially now when most women are spending the same amount of their time on the job.

Besides, repeatedly we can face the idea that household chores are incomparable to duties people have at work and it is much easier to spend days taking care of cleanliness at home, laundry and cooking. But in fact, the amount of time and the intensity of work can be very high, especially if the family has a lot of members. Even home tasks engaged with raising just two kids, only their mother takes care of can be very challenging.

Nowadays the idea of equal contribution in household chores by both spouses becomes more and more popular. And there’s a list of reasons for that. The first and the most obvious is the equal distribution of duties. When a couple spreads their home tasks between each other equally they avoid possible dissatisfaction of someone who takes the most of work on his or her shoulders. The same works for kids, they should get the experience of contributing to family tasks from their early childhood. Such an approach provides a family with the feeling of mutual support and understanding.

A better understanding of the contribution of your partner to the home routine will definitely bring to both of you more appreciation of each other. Another advantage of doing cleaning together or cooking dinner together is increasing the communication of family. This experience gives all family members the opportunity to cooperate, which means more interaction and getting a better understanding of each other’s behavior and way of communication. This process strongly increases the quality of communication between them in all other situations they have.

In relation to raising kids, sharing household duties is very important as well. This gives kids the sense of their value for the family and the feeling of belonging to the things their parents usually spend energy to accomplish. It means that if your kids are making the bed on their own they will less likely jump on it during the day and turn it into a total mess. On top of this, involving kids in cleaning up for 100% will help them practically, because this experience in future will help them to deal with many daily tasks at home and out much easier.

All advantages of sharing home tasks in your family are obvious. But the question is how to organize the process in a way that satisfies everyone. Nobody will tell you how exactly you should do that, it totally depends on the habits and preferences of your family.

For some people, a good option can be organization of schedules for family cleaning. You can do such a schedule for a day, week, month, half of the year, and even a whole year. And we touched this topic in another article in our blog, so you can find good tips for composing it as well. Apart from scheduling, you can add more fun to the process. For example, it is always a good idea to play some music while cleaning or cooking. Apart from this, you can make a small tombola with different tasks for a week and distribute them randomly among kids and your spouse, so nobody will feel forced to do a certain thing.

In the end, it is vital to provide a reward to everyone. It can be a cinema evening with ordering a pizza or other things you don’t do routinely: you can have a picnic or an evening of games. You should do whatever what will remark the end of your work as something special.

It is always good to make the life of people you love easier and more comfortable. We wish you to achieve this goal and will be back soon with new interesting content to turn your home care into a joy.

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