How To Clean Candle Wax Out of Carpet

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When we talk about a beautiful romantic evening, you can not imagine skipping the candles in the room that give you this warm atmosphere and relaxing feeling. But if you did not have the time to put them down, you can wake up in the morning, having wax candles melted all over your carpet.

Well, you should not worry that you have ruined the carpet. In a household, especially one with areas of high traffic, for sure you already have experience with dealing with different stains like spills of red wine for example. But what do you do and how to clean candle wax out of carpet?

First of all, you should not panic that this is something that you can not fix. With some help under the form of advice from professionals like us you can prevent your carpet from permanent damage, so you just have to follow the steps from the do-it-yourself guide:

The things that you need:

  • A table knife
  • Several ice cubes
  • A plastic bag
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Three or four brown paper bags cut in pieces large enough to cover the spill
  • An iron
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Several white cloths
  • Clear household ammonia (maybe)


An important thing here is that you need to take action as soon as you see the wax stain, because as it is with every stain. The more it stays, the more difficult it becomes to remove it.

First, you need to take a plastic bag and fill it with ice. Then you have to lay it directly on the wax stain. The ice will has an effect just after just a few minutes and will freeze the wax. Then you can remove the bag and start scraping the wax of the carpet with the help of a dull knife.

The next step is to place some brown paper on the affected area and start pressing slowly the warm iron on the top of it. After some time you will notice how the wax is getting absorbed by the material. You can continue with ironing until all residues from the wax finally disappear. And that is all – your carpet is clean. This do-it-yourself way is the answer to your worries what you are going to do with these wax stains.


This is another cleaning method by hand that can help you with removing candle wax from your carpet. First you can start again with placing a bag full of ice on the affected area, and then you start scrubbing the wax with the help of a dull table knife. You can remove the entire frozen residue on the carpet with such a knife. Then you can use the vacuum cleaner or any upholstery attachment to vacuum the wax that is still left.

If you have used colour candles and you have a coloured stain, you can pour small amount of alcohol on a clean clot and place it on the affected area. You need to be gentle here, you should not rub, just carefully blot it. With the help of a clean white towel you can blot the carpet until it is finally dry.

So these couple of advice will help you to take the necessary steps next time when you have such type of stains. You can solve the problem within minutes, using one of these two tested methods and you will not be wondering how to deal with the wax stains and how to remove wax out of your beautiful carpet.


Open the windows in the room, then take some ammonia and pour small amount of it on a clean cloth. You should not forget opening the windows, because there is going to be strong smell. You have already rubbed some alcohol in the carpet and the combination with ammonia will create smelling salts. They are not dangerous, but smell quite unpleasant.

Then you have to place a clean white cloth on the area and iron with the help of the steam iron. The iron should be kept in constant motion and after a couple of minutes the stain would have transferred on the cloth. You may change cloths and continue ironing and repeating this procedure until you see that the stain has gone completely.

Now you can dampen another clean cloth with water and blot the area to take care of the ammonia left on the carpet. Then you leave the area to dry and the final step is to vacuum it when it is completely dry. And this should remove the wax stain for good. So may be after putting so much effort for fixing the problem you will be more careful next time or just buy candles that match the colour of your carpet.


  • You should be careful that the hot iron does not touch the carpet, because it could ruin the fibers.
  • If there is any wax residue, you can blot it with a dab of dry-cleaning solvent. The amount should not be much or it could also damage the carpet.
  • You can prevent wax stains by buying quality wax candles.
  • If your rug is made of silk or other gentle material or if it is antique, you should call a professional carpet cleaning company in Brisbane for removing the stain.

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