Can you clean a mattress with a carpet cleaner

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There is no more important element for the home than the mattress. A man spends about a third of his life on it. This is an investment for which it is worth paying a high price. But do you then take the necessary care? Do you know how much dirt, dust and mites inhabit in this soft thing? Even worse is that you are in direct contact with them every day. Save yourself the hassle of allergies, sleepless nights or worse.

Regular cleaning of the mattress is important for the health of the mattress and for extending the period of operation. Find the right means and take care of its sanitation. Better ignore the sofa, but not the mattress on which you sleep each night. Even the busiest people get home, albeit only for a few hours of sleep. Now do you understand that there is no more important furniture than your bed?

Can you clean a mattress with a carpet cleaner?

Are you trying to optimize the cost and space in your home? Well, then, bet on possible better quality cleaners, more functional furniture and items. The mattress has a close connection with the carpets. They are the hardest cleaning cleaners in one home. They require effort, precision, and solid financial resources. The positive thing is that some household tricks that do good work can be applied.

Otherwise, you could trust professionals at any time. Reliable cleaning agents are also used, which are 2 in 1. These types of detergents are those designed to clean carpets and mattresses. The advantage lies in the fact that you will pay an amount, but you will get wide application and high efficiency. Also, you will keep one preparation less. Take this opportunity – now choose a solution without the presence of harmful chemicals and as many enzymes as possible.

Mattress cleaning steps

Step 1: Remove tread – your tread is the one that has taken the most dirt and bacteria

Remove it and then squeeze it out. Put it instantly into the washing machine and set up a program that will kill even the most stubborn parasites. The washing machine should be hot and hot. Only the treadmill will be completely hygienic

Step 2: Vacuum – this step is very important and should be done with great precision

It is necessary to pass all over the surface using the special vacuum cleaner trim. Do not miss a single stretch to get rid of pests, dust, and dirt. Get into the depth between the seams. The good thing is that the ordinary vacuum cleaner does a good job,  which means you will not need any extra investment

Step 3: Treat the stains – you should not have any stains if the mattress does not collide with spills but may have mild dirt

However, each spot needs a reliable cleaning agent. Such are carpet preparations, as well as some homemade solutions. Observe in the composition only harmful chemicals that are not desirable for your health. At home, you can mix 1 cup of warm water and 1 cup of dishwasher. Clean the mattress supported on the wall. First go through one side. Wait for it to dry and then switch to the other.

Step 4: Sprinkle the Soda Mattress – Spread the soda thoroughly over the entire surface

Do not be afraid to use the entire box. It would be useful, especially if it is applied for the first time. For the odor removal soda to work, leave the mattress for about 24 hours. The unpleasant thing is that you’ll have to sleep on the couch or in another room for as long as a day. However, wait! You can not imagine how much sweat he has taken, it needs to be refreshed. It is best positioned near a window during this period because the daylight rays have additional disinfecting power.

Step 5: Apply a vacuum again and put the mattress back on the bed

After applying the technique on both sides, taking care of the small side parts, suck the soda with the vacuum cleaner tip. Put it back on the bed. Before you put it, however, you must be 100% confident that it is completely dry. Even minimal moisture can form mold and mold.

Step 6: Put on clean sheets and enjoy the cleanliness of your bed

The feeling is wonderful when you know you will sleep on a newly sanitised mattress. The dream will be calm and the scent incredible. Enjoy this moment, but be careful not to succeed the next day if you are at work.

Basic tips for maintenance and cleaning of the mattress

Observe manufacturer’s instructions for caring for the mattress

Do not overlook the manufacturer’s instructions to be able to use the warranty in case of need. Do not recognize products stains, so bet on a possible safer protector and do not allow too much fluids around it.

Turn the mattress every season

New technologies in the production of mattresses create customer convenience. Two-person products are designed for winter and summer. This provides a more relaxed sleep, while at the same time the mattress does not wear to such an extent. In case yours is simple, you can just spin it in a few months. No great effort is required, but his life will be extended.

Oblique place a mattress protector

You might want to use the most common, gripping or zip-fasteners. The second option is more efficient and serves as a larger fuse. It then easily unlocks and runs into the washing machine. This way you will be more relaxed and your mattress will not be exposed to such a high risk of staining

Change bed sheets every week, at most in two

It is important to put clean bed linen on the cleaned mattress. Leave them covered throughout the day, this prevents the development of bacteria

Do not put liquids near the mattress

Still the bedroom is for sleeping, not to drink your coffee, tea or wine in bed. There are other rooms for this purpose. Spills penetrate very quickly and deeply into matter – in most cases, there is no backward

Take care of the humidity when cleaning

You will need a lot of water, but keep it to a minimum. Otherwise, it is very likely that mold is formed and you need to change your convenience with a new one. True comfort, however, will not cost you at all

Use extra tools for faster drying after cleaning

Hot and dry hot windows, as well as fans, will help speed up the drying process. This will contribute to the good looks as well as to extending the service life

Clean the mattress for at least a few months

Maintaining the hygiene of the mattress will create the conditions for a clean and healthy existence. Do not neglect this kind of care because it is one of the most important for a household

Use reliable methods and preparations

Explore the means you will treat stains or surface contamination. A good solution is a complex preparation that is suitable for carpets and mattresses. So you can buy something more expensive, which will be effective, harmless, and with more applications

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