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The age of popularity of supermarket-bought flashy and colorful stuff definitely is in the past. People nowadays are not excited by bright packaging or arrogant commercials, convincing them to buy the best shampoo or a detergent, which is much better than one its competitors offer. Now, all we need is not only love but also a product, which is healthy, simple and safe for nature in the sense of using. In this article, we’ll consider some alternatives for detergents we can use regularly and enjoy their lower price and efficiency.

The list of reasons why it’s much better to look for alternatives to regular detergents contains many points. Besides the cheap price and confidence in the result, there’s the fact that natural alternatives mostly cannot cause allergic reactions. Meanwhile, synthetic home-care chemicals are causing asthma and a lot of variations of allergy, first of all, related to breathing complications and skin irritation. Among others, we can find the danger of damaging sensitive surfaces of furniture, spoiling the color of your clothes, or anxiety that kids can find the strong detergent and try to have a tea ceremony with it. So let’s take a look at what we can use in cleaning and forget about all concerns.

  • White vinegar.

This useful ingredient you might easily find in your kitchen can erase stains from fabric, help you with separating stuck layers of fat from your stove, oven, or pan. And this is not a full list of abilities it has. It can also work as a fabric softener. You just need to add about 50 milliliters of vinegar, once your washing machine hits the rinse cycle and your clothes will be much softer after washing than they generally are.

  • Baking soda.

Is great for dealing with smelly clothes like sports underwear, socks, t-shirts and so on. Again 50 milliliters of this ingredient will be enough to handle the task. All you need is just add it to the washing cycle and enjoy the result.

  • Washing soda.

This is still soda (scientific name: sodium carbonate), despite its different name it has just a bit stronger effect. You can use it to remove stubborn stains on clothes or different surfaces. This sort of soda is stronger due to its alkaline compound and to maximize its effect you should use it in the mix with vinegar when you are cleaning stains on the pan or another coarse surface. But if you are cleaning a fabric it is better to combine soda with warm water to make the mix less acidic, but strong enough to deal with different types of stains.

  • Lemon juice.

Basically, you can use it the same way as vinegar. You can add it instead of vinegar at the end of the washing cycle as well as use it as a pre-treater before starting washing clothes. But what is special in this ingredient is its ability to brighten up your whites and safety for other colors. Lemon juice is extremely effective in rust stain removal and you can even use the combination of it with a pinch of salt to get rid of mold. This mix won’t only clean the mold but will also kill the spores and will be easily washed out in hot water for a great finish.

  • Shampoo.

It is a very good substitute for regular detergent. You can use just a teaspoon of shampoo for the handwashing of a few different clothes. It will be much friendly for the skin of your hands and equally effective as utilizing a detergent as usual. For washing it is better to use warm water. The bathroom sink can be a good place for it. You should not combine shampoo and conditioner or one that tints hair to get a proper result.

Use healthy and body-friendly cleaning methods and we will return to you with the second part of this article very soon, stay with Optima Cleaners.

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