Easiest Carpets to Keep Clean

May 25, 2021 -

Young children and pets tend to track dirt and debris into the house, which can wreak havoc on your carpeting and flooring. Without frequent carpet cleaning, the dirt can settle and become difficult to lift without steam cleaning.

Luckily, some carpets are easy to keep clean. Here is what you should know to find the easiest way to clean carpets.

Choose Synthetic Materials Over Natural Fibres

Carpets are made using one of two types of materials – synthetic or natural. Carpets made with natural fibres include wool, cotton, coir, and silk. They are eco-friendly but require more maintenance.

Synthetic fibres are made using various chemical compounds and are found in most carpets.
Examples of synthetic materials used for carpets include polyester, nylon, and polypropylene.

Synthetic materials are typically much more durable compared to natural fibres. They are also more stain-resistant and easier to maintain.

Nylon is one of the sturdiest materials for carpeting. It is made using strong fibres that can hold up to constant wear. However, it is not the most stain-resistant choice.

Polyester has better stain resistance compared to nylon. It is a type of polymer that can easily repel any water-based liquid. Unfortunately, polyester does not do well with oil-based stains.

Polypropylene (olefin) offers the best overall performance. It resists water-based and oil-based stains. Olefin is also resistant to abrasion, which allows it to last longer in areas with constant foot traffic from pets or kids.

Choose Loop Pile Carpets Over Cut Pile Carpets

Along with the material, you should pay attention to the style of the carpet. The main two styles include loop pile and cut pile carpets.

Loop pile carpets are made using fibres that are bent into loops. The tight loops are durable and less likely to fray compared to cut pile carpets. Loop pile carpets are also resistant to stains due to their tight piles.

The most common type of loop pile carpet is Berber carpet. It has short loops that are perfect for high-traffic areas.

Cut pile carpets include piles of yarn with their tips cut off instead of loops. The cut piles are soft, but difficult to maintain.

What Type of Carpet Should You Avoid?

Avoid any carpet with long fibres or shaggy piles, such as twisted pile carpet and most types of cut pile carpets. Plush carpet and textured cut pile also require more maintenance.

The longer fibres found in these carpets can capture more dirt and debris, making them more difficult to keep clean without vacuuming each day.

If you want the appearance of a textured carpet without the hassle, consider using a multi-level loop pile carpet. The multi-level loop pile includes loops of varying heights to give the carpet more texture.


Olefin stands out as the preferred choice of fabric due to its ability to withstand most types of stains. Getting a Berber (loop pile) carpet made with olefin or a blend of olefin and nylon or polyester should offer years of use before showing signs of wear and tear.

No matter which option you choose, consider scheduling professional carpet cleaning services to extend the life of your carpet.

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