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If you’re moving into a new home or you’ve just stepped out – it’s all the same. The old apartment will need cleaning and sometimes the new one as well. But when you’re changing house, and you’re looking to stay there for a while you should make it your home. Things just aren’t the same when you’re secretly wondering if this property is actually clean. If this is currently where you’re at in your life, then we have just the solution for you – Bond cleaning with Optima Cleaning!

Bond cleaning is a professional top-to-bottom cleaning service which is often required by your landlord or property manager when you’re moving out of your property. The service is a completed by a team of trained professionals which abide by Residential Tenancy Association check list. To ensure a premium result, the crew will supply all the right equipment and cleaning detergents.

An end of lease clean not limited in time, our bond cleaners will stay as long as it’s needed to do the complete clean of your former home. If you’re worried about deductions from your bond or concerned you won’t be seeing it back at all – Optima Cleaners are here to help.
During your end of lease clean, you can schedule any visits or check our reports. And if by any chance your landlord or checkout clerk finds an area that would not pass the inspection, we have still got you covered! Simply call us again during that period of time, and we’ll go back. Our bond cleaning staff will re-do the areas in question to meet the full satisfaction of you and whoever is inspecting your property.

Our complete bond back cleaning is done by using very powerful cleaning solutions, which are eco- and environmentally friendly. You will see for yourself we have no hidden charges or later fees, and we also offer weekend appointments with absolutely no extra charges. The service can be easily combined with professional bond carpet cleaning or pest control, or both if needed.

Investing in a home remodel or home addition is an exciting venture.

It’s also a messy one!

Our Service

Should you find yourself in need, our end of lease cleaning services will be available to you even on short notice. Our detergents are entirely safe for children and pets and will still do a remarkable job.

An End of Lease Cleaning with Optima Cleaning usually takes about half a day to complete an averaged size home, but they will be in no rush to leave until the job is done. Our staff will stay as long as needed to deliver customer satisfaction. It would be best if you’re on-site to welcome the team and show them around. But if you are unavailable or have already moved out, we can also pick up the keys from your agency or another secure location of your choosing. Exit cleaners can afterwards drop off the keys or leave them in the property – again as is most convenient for you.
We are happy to say that our service also has an extended 7-day bond cleaning guarantee, of which you can take full advantage of.

Our Methods

The end of lease cleaning includes the full clean of your kitchen, your bathrooms, bedrooms, stairs and hallways, and any other rooms you have. The floors will get deeply vacuumed and the mopped.
Carpets will be vacuumed and upon request also cleaned with a hot water extraction machine. All the appliances in your kitchen will be cleaned in an out, and your oven, stovetop, and grills will be scrubbed, degreased and wiped, also if you have a hood and any exhaust fans.
All kitchen cupboards, drawers, and shelves will get cleaned inside and out, the sink and taps will be cleaned and polished, air vents will be dusted. We will also make sure to clean and take the rubbish away from all your disposal units and clean and wipe down splashback, kitchen tiles and all doors, door frames and sills.
Walls, all skirting boards and cornices will be dusted, and spot cleaned, cobwebs will be removed. Windows throughout your property will get cleaned, wiped, and polished from the inside and upon your request – outside cleaning can be added to the service as well.

The bathrooms tiles, taps, mirrors, shower cubicle, bathtubs, and toilets will get spotlessly cleaned. Same for the bedrooms and any other rooms you may have. Deep end of lease carpet cleaning can be added, and a hot water extraction machine will be brought to your house. Alternatively, our end of tenancy cleaning team will deeply vacuum the carpets.

Cities we Service

Looking for extra cleaning services from Optima?

We offer a full range of cleaning services, which allow us to service every aspect of the home with premium quality cleaning methods and materials. In addition to our End of Lease Cleaning services, we offer complementary services which include carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning. All items which are commonly required post-construction.
The End of Lease Cleaning service follows a detailed checklist that all staff members adhere to. We do not move on the next room until every surface, fitting and skirting board has been thoroughly cleaned and checked off.

You can also use this experience as a sample of Optima Cleaners’ domestic cleaning services and then decide if you want to have a regular cleaner with us for your new home.

“Our mission is serving our clients. Everyone who works with us is our client. So essentially our mission is our client’s mission”

Mark Wisken – Optima Cleaners Director

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