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How To Clean Carpet By Hand

November 21, 2018 - ,

If you want  your feet to feel comfortable, then for sure you have carpets covering the flooring. This means that they are prone to get different stains or to be damaged by some kind of activities or certain products. Maintaining good hygiene at home means that you need to take care of your carpet almost daily. Let’s give you some tips and tricks how to clean carpet by hand at your home.


When it is larger of course it is a bit more difficult to clean it by hand, especially when you are doing it for the first time. You should take care of the carpet daily, but you should also perform regular and deeper carpet cleaning from time to time and it requires different techniques.  You may think that your carpet is clean when you vacuum it every day and its surface really looks clean when you see it, but the reality is different, because on the inside it could be full of dirt, dust and germs, and you can see all this when you start cleaning it more deeper.

The procedure for cleaning your carpet must be chosen on the basis of the fabrics your carpet is made of. This would also define the type of products that you can use. You can hire a professional cleaning company for taking care of your carpet, but you may also consider the opportunity to do the cleaning by yourself once in a while. First of all we want to pay some attention to the reasons why such regular carpet cleaning is so important and why it is necessary to clean your carpet more often.


This is an item that is used every day, almost during the entire day. You walk on it, you sit on it, and you roll or lay on it when you are playing with your kids, so your carpet is a part of your home that you get in contact with on a daily basis. And if you have little children you know that you can not avoid when they drop a piece of food on the floor, they will not leave it there or throw it, but they just take it and put it back in their mouths. So if you have dirt on the carpet and you do not clean it, you can have germs or bacteria that could cause various diseases.

If you have allergies, the presence of a dirty carpet could be not only unpleasant, but even dangerous. When you have a lot of dust particles on the carpet, and you often walk on it, they rise from the carpet, mix with the air and you get one polluted room in the end.

If you get any stains on the carpet they should be immediately cleaned because they will be difficult for removing when they stay longer on the carpet fabrics. If they stay longer, this could also result in getting some unpleasant odor too.

So here are a few tips how to clean by hand your carpet at home.


First, you can take the carpet outside and beat it under the sun. I am sure that you do remember those old, good days when you were running outside around your grandmother while she was beating the carpet with a stick. So you can do the same now – use a stick and beat the carpet under the sun. It is a good idea to wear a mask while you beat the carpet because you will see the heavy amount of dust particles that would come out of the carpet when you do this procedure.
If you notice any hard particles on the carpet you can remove them with the help of a brush and then clean the area with a proper solution.

You may have situations when you spill different things on you carpet like food, ink, nail polish or lipstick. You should not panic then but take the steps for cleaning the respective stain. Panic will only make you do quick movements and rub the area of the stain which will not be good for the proper removal of the stain. You can use a clean cloth, dampen with alcohol or mixture of vinegar and water and blot the area with it. Or a solution made of water and some washing detergents could help for many diffident stains. And you can repeat blotting the area until you see that the stain is gone.

You need to have a vacuum cleaner with good suction power and use it to clean your carpet every day so that dirt do not get so deep into the carpet with time.
In case when you do not have the time or the ability to take care of your carpet so often, or you have some stains that you can not deal with, you can always call for help from a professional carpet cleaning company. The experts there will have the knowledge how they could effectively remove such stubborn stains.


The main item that you need to take care of in your room in order to maintain the good hygiene is the carpet. You need to clean it regularly, because dirty carpets can cause health problems. And you should think like this – you actually use your carpet every day so it is logical to clean it every day. And after reading this article and perhaps a few others on the topic how to clean carpet by hand, you already have the idea how to do it. You are aware of a couple of do-it-yourself methods for carpet cleaning, so you can take care of the carpet without any problem. And it is mandatory to do it if you want to have safe and healthy life.

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