How to clean honey out of a carpet

February 9, 2019 -

Honey is a useful substitute for sugar. It is recommended for sweetening coffee, tea and for direct consumption when you can not stand for something sweet, as well as a preventative measure against colds. Well, the health benefits are great, but if it falls on the carpet then it gets worse.

You all know the sticky texture and how difficult it is to wash your hands, and what remains to be removed from the soft flooring. It will not be easy for you, but do not get any extra headaches before you try the suggested reliable methods. Many have escaped from such stains because they acted correctly and quickly. Why can not you?

3 Reliable Honey Cleaning Method From Carpet

Method 1: Cleaner with harmless home remedies

Ingredients required:

  • A butter knife, spoon or other no sharp object for scraping the honey from the carpet
  • Paper
  • Solution vessel
  • Sponge, a few white cloths
  • 20 ml. liquid soap
  • 250 ml. hot water
  • 15 g baking soda
  • 120 g of white vinegar


Sharpen the honey with a knife

The honey is probably gently cured on the carpet, so you best take an oil cutter and scrape it. You may also use another type or spoon, the important thing is that the object is not too jagged to not cut the fibers deeply. You have to act sequentially – using the knife and wiping it immediately with paper the copper removed. This is important in order not to spread the honey to the rest of the carpet. The goal is to remove as much as possible to make it easier for you to clean up afterwards

Prepare the solution

Make a mixture of 250 ml of warm water and 20 ml of liquid soap. Stir them in a bowl, bowl or bucket. You can prepare even more powerful detergent for better effect. It is only necessary to add 15 g of baking soda and 120 ml of white vinegar. This will reinforce the main preparation that will help you remove honeycomb stains. Once everything is mixed and the consistency is made, continue with the cleaning

Try the solution

This is rule number one when cleaning carpets from any stains. There are many reliable and versatile preparations, but sometimes the fabric does not favor some of them. So always try the cleaning agent on the edge of the carpet or on a piece of it that is located under your furniture. So there is no chance of damaging a visible area of ​​the accessory and having to make a new investment

Rub the solution on the stain

It’s time to take the stain. Once you’ve done a test and there’s nothing to worry about, go to the main treatment. Use the sponge or cloth you have prepared. Dip it into the resulting solution and moisten the stain. Do not scrub too much to prevent deodorization from getting deeper. Do not overdo it with the aqueous solution, the purpose is to remove the dirt with a lower degree of humidity in order not to damage the pad. You do not want to be the cause of mold and mold, which will degrade the type of carpet from which it will be released and an unpleasant odor

Soak the soapy water

Use a white clean cloth or cloth to absorb the liquid. Place a bucket or basin near you to squeeze them out. You could also use the container where you made the detergent. Try to take the maximum amount of liquid. At this stage, the copper stain should be eliminated. If it is not, apply the action a few more times. In case you do not help, you need to look for another method or ask for help with professionals

Rinse with a damp cloth

Use only as much water as you can to wet the clean cloth. Start with the spot of the stain and then all over the carpet (in case you went through a thorough cleaning). This will remove the soap preparation and refresh the entire flooring. It is important to be precise in this step because uncleaned soap will produce unpleasant results. The carpet will attract more dust and dirt


The final stage involves the use of a dry cloth for the ultimate absorption of moisture. Dry the area to the point where it stops absorbing liquid. If a cloth gets wet, take another dry cloth. You should not risk ending the excessive humidity of the carpet because the consequences will not be good. Do not step on it for at least a few hours or for a safer one day. If the weather is warm and dry, open the windows in the room

Method 2: Clean up more abundant and old copper stains

Ingredients required:

  1. Pure Towels
  2. Mushroom
  3. Safety goggles
  4. Mask
  5. Household gloves
  6. Solution vessel
  7. 250 ml. hot water
  8. 15 ml. ammonia


Prepare the solution

The use of these ingredients makes the cleaning method more aggressive to have an effect on the abundant or persistent spillage of copper. A mixture of 250 ml should be made. hot water and 15 ml. ammonia. Fill the container in which you will prepare the preparation with water, then add the ammonia. It should dissolve well. As it is not particularly beneficial to human health, use skin and eye protection – eyewear, mask and household gloves

Lubricate the stain with the resulting solution

It would be a gross mistake if you wet the stain directly from the bucket. Use a sponge. Dip it into the resulting mixture and then lightly dip all the copper stain. Be careful – the ammonia preparation should not be rubbed so that it does not penetrate deep into the fibers. Wipe with a clean cloth or paper

Rinse the solution

Use a new sponge or the same but well cleansed from ammonia. Moisten it with water and remove residual detergent remaining on the carpet. Depending on the result, repeat the action once more or go to the final stage – wiping with a dry cloth and drying. If you repeat and the spot is noticed again, switch to another technique

Absorb the rest of the liquid with a dry cloth – this is the final stage, which is sometimes overlooked by homeowners. Do not commit such a mistake because both moisture and ammonia tend to cause damage to the soft flooring. The most unpleasant thing that can happen is having to buy a new carpet. Then neither the effort will have earned you, nor the time you have set aside

Professional cleaning of honey stains

Certainly there is no more reliable method than the one who will apply the experienced staff of a carpet cleaning company. Pay a reasonable amount, save your time (which probably is worth more anyway) and avoid risky situations and further waste of time. They have gone through every challenge. Know the steps of the most appropriate techniques for the respective tissue. It is only necessary to look and bring the equipment to take the necessary action.

They will manage to eliminate almost any type of dirt and staining. It will cost you more than doing it yourself, but it’s worth it – you will save time, effort, have greater security for success and reduce the risk of ruining your beautiful accessory. It is worth allocating some funds to avoid the need for a new purchase.

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