How to get rid of dirty water stains on my carpet

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It might sound strange to you but the water you use to rinse can cause unpleasant stains to your carpet. Funny enough it is most harmless to the soft flooring so you need to be careful. At the same time it could always be worse – the spill is not saturated in color like red wine or coffee tannin stains. These, as well as other stubborn stains, when not taken care of on time could get you in trouble and make you invest in new flooring.

The good news with water marks is that they are easily removable with ingredients that are available in almost every home. You will save on costly cleaning solutions or use of professional services. If you carpet is synthetic, please continue reading. However if it is organic fiber or workmanship, it is better to secure the treatment by calling a specialist.

Methods for cleaning water stains

Method 1: Use soap and water to remove stains

Step 1: Absorb moisture

First step is removing as much water as possible from the carpet by blotting the mark. Act quickly with clean towels, rags, household paper and more. Absorb until the moisture decreases to a minimum. You can use the weight of your body to step directly onto a dry cloth. Also, keep the paper pressed for about an hour or two to absorb liquid further. The important thing is to get as much as possible so that it does not fade the beautiful accessory pad. Only then switch to a spot of spot treatment

Step 2: Dirt Removal and Solution Preparation

Remove any loose particles, gathered hair or other dirt before treating. They may have been stuck in the fibers if you haven’t used a vacuum cleaner any time soon. It’s hard and annoying, but you have to deal with it. Then mix in a large bowl of water with a few drops of liquid soap (about 1 teaspoon), loaf or other, which will not bleach.

Step 3: Treat the stain

For that stage, take a clean cloth or sponge and dip it into the mixture bowl. Start rubbing slightly, but not rubbing hard. Remember to rub it on the surface and not get to the backing of the pile. Such high friction can lead to fiber damage and faster wear on the carpet. Generally, water stains are easily removable, but excessive humidity causes mould which reduces the life of the carpet or ruins it completely.

Start gently applying the solution using the cloth to blot the stain following the direction outside to inside. This will reduce the chance of spreading the waterblock in a larger space than it originally was. This method is effective, but if it does not help, look for another solution. Try another method or contact a specialist cleaning company.

Step 5: Rinse with clean water and dry

Remove soapy water. Use clean towels, rags and pure cool water. You may have to change a few if you notice any residue on them. Then dry with dry paper and open the windows to further speed the drying process

Step 6: Identify the source of the problem and go through the repair

Of course, you would have an idea of ​​what the spill is due if you turn a glass of water or a bottle. This type of waterblock is too insignificant. Serious water pollution, however, is mostly due to cracked pipes from which dirty water runs out. They are not only dangerous for the carpet that can mold, but also for your entire home.

It could be a great deal of damage if your home is empty at this point. So, if you notice a water supply problem, take immediate action. Seek a safe person who can take care of the repair to prevent the risk of flooding

Method 2: Use of vinegar and water to remove stains

Step 1: Make the solution and treat the stain

It consists of white vinegar and water. Make the mixture as needed, but keep in mind that only 9.5 ml of water requires only 1.2 ml of vinegar. Vinegar is minimal. Again, take a clean cloth and soak it in the resulting mixture. Apply lightly on the stain. It’s acidic pH helps dissolving and evaporating the stain

Step 2: Wait for the carpet to dry

During the drying period, no one should be allowed to step on the soft floor. After complete drying, the results of your actions will be evident in a natural way. The stain may have faded but not completely disappeared. In this case, you have to repeat the process once more until it fades completely. If you notice a different color again, look for another way to remove the water stain.

Step 3: Apply a Steam Iron Technique

Once you have applied the wet method to clean the water stain, irons should step in. This technique is not popular, but does a good job in such cases. You need to put a cloth over the stain and set the iron to a steam function. Start gently pressing the target area with the iron. The only thing you need to avoid is “iron” directly on the carpet or leave the iron too long in one place because this way you will replace the water mark with a burnt mark.

Method 3: Other options for cleaning your carpet

Prepare a powerful household cleaner

You will only need two ingredients – ammonia and hot water for this solution. Fill in an ampoule with an equal amount of the two products. Spray evenly, but not too much. Take a towel and rub lightly on the affected area. It may be necessary to repeat when the carpet dries. Ammonia is highly evaporative and will help diluting and evaporating the water stain.

Buy cleaners from commercial networks

They’re more aggressive and powerful than those you do with home remedies. But do not overfill their composition – most of them contain harmful chemicals. Also remember that once you use such chemicals, the result regardless is positive or negative is irreversible. Those chemicals will either remove or set the stain into the fiber. And once set even the best carpet expert cannot remove the stain. It is advisable to pay a higher price but hire a professional company.

Rent a carpet machine for home use

This will save you money, but it is sometimes not appropriate. Do not neglect the amount of water that has entered your carpet. Many ordinary steam cleaners and separate equipment can not remove excessive moisture, and when you run out of pipes you will need a powerful device. If moisture is less, then rent or buy a device. Make sure you spend some time researching. You wouldn’t want to get the cheaper version and end up spending your time, money and efforts and not even removing the stain.

Look for reliable masters for damaged pipes and a proven cleaning company

If the problem of dirty water stains is due to a pipe crack in the cellar or in your home, you should call a specialist in water supply and sewerage first. Besides, you could hardly handle the cleaning yourself, so you will need a cleaning company. Their equipment will help drain the water from the carpet and get rid you of the unpleasant stains on the rug.

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