How to prevent or fight scratches on the floor

December 15, 2021 - ,

We are spending hours choosing which sort of parquet should cover the floors in our house, spending big money to make it real and when this precious coverage is damaged it is very frustrating. Linoleum, parquet, or floor tile can be damaged very easily and the worst thing is that disguising the consequences after it happens is very difficult and that even a small scratch makes the whole floor less attractive.

In this article, we cover the best ideas about how to maintain your floors in perfect condition despite any circumstances. The first thing to mention is preventing the damage to your floor coverage is much easier than trying to deal with circumstances. That is why let’s take a look at some methods which can help you to prevent your floors from destruction.

The most widespread reason for scratches to appear is the inaccurate moving of furniture in the house. Many furniture items are pretty heavy and it is very hard for one person to move them, and some people may choose to push or drag the item across the floor instead of lifting it above the surface. This is how scratches occur. It might be more time-consuming and complex to organize but any time you want to move your furniture it is better to make sure that there is someone around who can help you.

The next thing about furniture is taking care of it when it is just standing. Situating rugs on the furniture areas. They are protecting the floor from appearing scratches and in the meantime, they make the space at home more cozy and colorful. If you are a proud owner of vintage furniture it might likely have rough edges around its feet. They can damage your parquet as well. So besides having your furniture resting above the area rug it is useful to take care of replacing or fixing the old foot.

Also to make feet of your home furniture safer try to install furniture pads on them. They can be produced out of different materials. Among them is rubber, felt, and cork. Just decide yourself what to choose depending on which one will fit your furniture the best. It is not necessary to buy them in a shop, you can just do it yourself. Another article dedicated to the ideas for such pads you can also find in our blog.

The last thing related to furniture is our advice to refuse using the chairs with rollers. They are the real nightmare for all types of wood floors. Another aspect you should be attentive to is your shoes. Make sure that you take off your footwear before you step into a room with such sensitive floor coverage. It is very important in terms of keeping any small particles of dust or micro stones away. Because as soon as they appear inside they stick to the sole of other home footwear and will leave a lot of micro scratches on the floor. With the same purpose – to avoid such small particles appearing in the house we advise you to place a doormat right in front of the entrance. By following these recommendations and by cleaning your floors regularly you will guarantee your floors are being protected from micro scratches to appear.

To make your regular cleaning routine even easier we recommend you tidy up outside your house. It will significantly reduce the amount of dirt and dust which we can potentially carry inside the house. Just think where in the yard you are walking the most, it can be the garage, a foot trail to your backdoor, or any other area.

But what if it is too late and there are already some damaged areas on your floors? If so, remember that it is never too late to solve this problem. And to find out how to deal with this challenge check our next article. There we presented you with a detailed guide about the best methods of repairment for parquet and laminate. In the meantime stay with Optima Cleaners and be sure that we will be back with a new portion of fantastic home care ideas.

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