How to Remove Crayon From Your Carpet

December 2, 2020 -

As comfortable as carpet may be, it can be incredibly hard to keep clean. From food stains to dirt, keeping your carpet clean is a nightmare, not to mention that you’ll drive yourself mad trying to keep people off of it. But unfortunately, there are certain stains that seem as if they can never be removed, crayon stains being one of them.

If you’ve got kids, chances are you’ve had to deal with a stain such as this before. But don’t worry; crayon stains can be removed. All you have to do is act quickly.

How Do I Remove Crayon Stains?

The sooner you see a stain, the easier it will be to remove it. The first thing that you should do is scrape at the stain until you can get as much off your carpet as possible. If you’ve caught it early enough, you can add carpet cleaner and scrub out the stain. This should easily get the job done.

However, if you discovered the stain a little too late, you may have to put a bit more effort into removing the stain. If the wax has been melted on to your carpet, you can try to scrape it off with a sharp object. If there is still wax left over, you should take a bag of ice and place it over the crayon stain. By doing this, you’ll be able to freeze the wax so that it becomes easier to remove.

After using a bit of cold on it, it’s time to use some heat. Take a cloth and place it over the rest of the stain. Then use a warm iron to go over the cloth. This will melt the wax, but you’ll be able to absorb it with the cloth.

If you’ve still got crayon stains on your carpet, your best bet would be to try to use a stain remover.

Remove Melted Crayon From Your Carpet

Melted crayon may be much more difficult to remove than crayon that has only stained your carpet. However, if this is the situation you’re dealing with, there is still a way out. All you need is some dish soap and warm water.

Next up, take a cloth and dip it into the dish soap and warm water solution. Take the cloth and place it over the stain. Afterwards, use a hot iron to place over the cloth. Once the cloth is warm enough, blot it over the stain. This should effectively remove the crayon stain.

Dry Your Carpet

Before you’re done cleaning, be sure to dry your carpet before you allow others to step on it. Otherwise, you could create mud and even more of a stain in your carpet.

In Conclusion

If none of the above-mentioned tips work for you, your best bet may be to call a professional. Professional carpet cleaning services have the machinery capable of removing tough stains without you having to lift a finger. However, they could be a bit more pricey!

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