How to remove dirt and stains from the carpet

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In any home, villa or office that is inhabited there is a risk of spills of coffee, tea and oily food on the carpet. In the office, muddy shoes are the biggest enemies for carpet fibers. Dirt and stains on one carpet create the impression of disarray throughout the room.

Unfortunately, even if you keep the rooms in good condition, the carpet dirt appears to be inevitable. You do not have to feel guilty every time you invite neighbors or friends for a cup of tea or dinner. Professional businesses are always at first aid. Try some tricks yourself. Become a household hero. Thanks to the right solution you are capable to remove red wine stains, sauces, fat, pet urine, nail polish, paint and more.

3 basic tips for keeping the carpet clean

Vacuum more often the high traffic places

So take care of removing all the dirt at least weekly. You will prevent the grains, pebbles, bacteria, allergens and dust from getting deeper into the fibers. Heavy traffic means the daily passage of a large number of people carrying all sorts of junk collected on home slippers and shoes. Frequent vacuuming will also help with the good appearance.

Put a ban on the people entering the boots

The main housekeeper or the person who takes care of the hygiene of the house has the right to impose bans. One of the most important rules is not to go with the shoes behind the front door – it would be even more fun if you put a “shoe-up” sign here. Dust and mud are mostly carried from outside, which happens mostly through dirty soles. For even more serious care, place a broom next to the front door. It will serve to sweep away the garbage that the weaners bring

Put a mat next to the front door

This little rug can save you from big damage on the big and expensive carpet. Inside mats stop the entry of a large amount of dirt that has gathered on the shoes that walk out. Most of them can be washed afterwards, so they’re ready to take the shot again. It is only important that your washing machine has a greater capacity to fit the mats. Then throw them in the dryer and get clean mats

Steps for cleaning various stains

  • Immediately take a clean white cloth and wipe the surface spill – get as much as possible to prevent it from penetrating deeply and reach the backing.
    Make a home solution that is best suited to treating the type of stain. It must be consistent with the type of fabric and color of the carpet. Let’s stress again that tht cloth or towel needs to be white. You wouldn’t want the carpet dye to bleed on the carpet and  make it worse.
  • Test the “home made solution” of an unseen piece of cleaning – the goal is to make sure it does not cause discoloration or damage to carpet fibers
  • Apply the cleanser on a towel / sponge and cover the entire stain – start from the outside of the stain to the inner
  • Allow the solution to work for about 5-10 minutes
  • Take a clean white cloth and soak the spatula – the action should not be rubbing
  • Rinse the carpet with cold water and another clean cloth – only finish when the water becomes completely clean
  • If the stain is still visible, repeat the same method or switch to another. In the extreme case, use more aggressive detergents or call a professional carpet cleaning company
  • Once you’ve finished removing the stain, cover it with white paper towels. They can be gently pressed to absorb as much moisture as possible. Replace them if they get wet and put new ones to sleep
  • The last step is a vacuum with a vacuum cleaner, but only after the carpet has dried completely

How to clean dirt and stains from the carpet?

The most common dirt is caused by mud and dust. They are relatively easier to remove from some spills. If you follow the above-mentioned maintenance tips, you will hardly have a problem. This is not the case, however, when it comes to different types of coffee, juice, red wine, vomiting, urine, greasy foods, lipstick, cone polish, and so on. As you can see, the abundance is great, which is a prerequisite for a great threat to your carpet. Get to know the appropriate solutions to clean the main stains:

Main stains of carpet

One of the most versatile detergents that you can make at home is warm water and a few drops of liquid detergent or liquid soap. It acts effectively on almost any stains caused by your favorite animals, fatty foods and sauces, beverages and more. If the result is not satisfactory, switch to more aggressive methods and detergents

Foods, faeces, mud and latex

This type of dirt is successfully removed by a 1: 3 mixture of white vinegar and hot water. Use a spray bottle and spray the affected area. Try to absorb with a clean cloth, but not to spread to the rest of the carpet area. If you’re not careful, you’ll do a double mess on the floor

Blood, chocolate, wine, ketchup and coffee

Wipe a spill that has not yet absorbed the carpet matter. These spots are considered stubborn, which means they need more serious treatment. There are the so called protein stains. Letting them for more than 72 hours means a guaranteed permanent stain.

Use ½ cup of water and 1 ct. ammonia. Spray on the carpet, but do not pour the liquid directly. Soak and rinse with clean water and a clean cloth. Dry with a dry cloth.

Oily stains from a carpet

Clean the smeared area until it is dry. Then sprinkle the baking soda and rub it into the stain to work for a while. Then prepare a homemade preparation by mixing 1 cup of hot white vinegar, ½ tsp. dishwasher and 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide 3%. Pour the preparation on the soda and observe the chemical reaction. She will pull the oily spot from your carpet. Then rinse again, wait for it to dry and clean with a vacuum cleaner

Nail polish, wax for candles, dry paint

Here it is important to use an oil blade or other object that is not sharp. It is necessary to scrape the dried top layer of paint, varnish or wax beforehand. It is allowed to use a scissors for cutting the top, but you must act carefully so that the incision is not too visible. To clean the wax, the so-called “freezing method” is applied with something cold from the freezer. Generally, you can use many detergents, but without bleach and acetone. If the stains are fresh, take a spoon and try to pick up the spill without spreading it.

Old stains on the carpet

Do not miss the cleaning of the stains until they are fresh. Letting them stay for over 24 hours, reduced the chance of removing them by 20% every 8 hours. Elimination timely is much safer. Still, if you have come to the point where you will be struggling with stagnant stains, try some of the most reliable cleaner suggestions:

  • The first thing you can do is to mix hot water with a few drops of quality detergent. Stir well to dissolve the preparation and treat the stain with a clean white cloth
  • The second preparation, which can help you in the difficult struggle, is a ratio of 1: 3 white vinegar with warm water. Apply the resulting solution on a cloth and spread over the stain. If you have a scrubber for home use, you will have to go with it. If the towel is colored, you should replace it with a clean one. Once the area has dried, you must take a vacuum cleaner
  • The third method is most aggressive – it includes consistency in a 1: 3 ratio of ammonia and hot water. Spray and start brushing. Be careful with the cleanliness and color of the towels. Do you see that they are stained, change them. Secure protective gloves, eyeglasses and mask if you use ammonia. After such treatment, carefully clean

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