Join Us as an Affiliate

We at Optima Cleaners have been developing our model for 12 years now. And we take pride in what we do. And we get better every day, because we understand business is about growing every day.

It took us five years to build a business which is both affordable and easy to scale.

So 1 year ago our journey brought us to the stage where we decided we need this great business available for more peers who share the same passion to serve clients with excellence and do business with integrity.

Ever wondered how you can monetise and earn extra income from your online store or physical office?

Get in contact with us today.

You don’t need to proactively do anything, since our system makes our clients come to you. All you need to do is::

  1. If you have a physical store and a client comes looking for cleaning services, just send us the contact details and you get an affiliate bonus.
  2. If you have an online store we will sync our systems, so your clients get an extra perk – cleaning services at a special discounted rate. And you get an affiliate bonus.

Or if you don’t want to take clients’ details, we have an option for a fixed monthly fee as well.

However, there is a set up which takes around 12 minutes of your time. But it is totally worth the effort.

Contact us today to know more.