Maintaining cleanliness if you have pets

July 5, 2021 - ,

Being an owner of a pet can be a reason for happiness, however, it also comes with many difficulties when it comes to cleaning your household. It is not a surprise that dogs and cats are often a source of fur as well as regular dirt from the garden or yard etc. Obviously, getting rid of your dog is not a solution, even if your soulmate insists on it. But getting rid of the dirt that comes to the house is the real task, so let’s take a look at how we can deal with it.

Don’t think how to clear home up quickly, think how to prevent the emergence of dirt

Each time, when we are looking for cleaning solutions, we should remember that it is usually better to prevent a problem from occurring instead of trying to avoid consequences. The first thing we would like to recommend is to brush your pet regularly. The simple procedure involving a brush and ten minutes of your time will guarantee you less time spent on tidying your floor up in the future. Another thing you can do is to keep a towel and a shallow container of water by the door. Since pets often bring mud from outside into the house it is better to have such tools close to the entrance. You can use them to wipe the paws of your dog every time you are back from a walk. Very soon it will turn into a habit for you as well as for your pet and for sure will let you do cleaning less often.

Be ready to use some kitchen chemicals to deal with stains and smell

White Vinegar is a good detergent for carpets that had unfortunate bad luck to become victims of your pets. To remove pesky smells and stains just spray a bit of vinegar on the carpet and let it dry. But of course, you should check how the cloth of the carpet reacts to the vinegar. Another opportunity to play a home chemist is present when it comes to cleaning pet beds. It is suggested you choose beds with removable covers, it makes them much easier to clean. If you want to get better results with cleaning your pet’s bed, just add a cup of baking soda to your regular detergent and you will be impressed with the results.

Always clean the toys of your pet and the litter box

The n1 thing in taking care of your pet’s stuff is a truly deep cleaning of collars and toys which your pet is using. Simply wiping out the dirt on the surface is not enough, let them soak in warm water mixed with a splash of shampoo for at least thirty minutes. The litter box, used by pets can easily become “full of odours” and quickly stink up your home. To avoid this you should just empty the box more often. Instead of doing this once in a couple of days, you should empty the box twice per day. Once in a week, it is also recommended to do the deep cleaning of the box and invest in a new litter box at least once per year.

We hope that our collection of tips will help you to deal with your regular cleaning routine. Stay positive and choose Optima Cleaners.

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