Oven and BBQ Cleaning in Hobart

Optima Cleaners in Hobart offer professional oven cleaning services to make sure your oven stays spotless. Our team has the expertise and equipment needed to remove even the toughest baked on grime. Plus, we use eco-friendly cleaning solutions to protect both your oven and the environment. So don’t wait until it’s too late – contact Optima Cleaners for thorough oven cleaning today.

Professional Oven Cleaning Hobart

Are you tired of struggling to clean your oven on your own, only to be left with unsatisfactory results? Optima Oven & BBQ Cleaning offers professional oven cleaning services in Hobart, using advanced technology and products to make your oven look and smell like new.

Our technicians are trained to handle ovens of all shapes and sizes, both in residential and commercial settings. With years of experience in the industry, we have a track record of meeting the high standards of our customers and guaranteeing their satisfaction.

Trust the experts at Optima Oven & BBQ Cleaning for all of your oven cleaning needs in Hobart. Don’t deal with the mess and hassle yourself – let us take care of it for you. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Have a chat to us now about:

  • How we disassemble and reassemble the oven parts for deep cleaning
  • Amazing oven cleaning results for both commercial and domestic ovens

We work around the clock to ensure that your oven is cleaned to the highest standard around your personal or business operation hours. Contact our friendly customer service team to:

  • Discuss your oven cleaning needs
  • Get an over the phone quote
  • Ask about our other cleaning services
  • Book an oven cleaning technician today

Our oven cleaning services will have your oven looking and smelling like new in no time! We use the latest oven cleaning technology and products to clean ovens of all shapes and sizes. Whether you need oven cleaning for your home or business, we are here to help!

Our Oven Cleaning Service in Hobart

At our oven cleaning company, we guarantee unbeatable results for both commercial and domestic ovens. Our technicians are trained to completely disassemble and reassemble oven parts in order to thoroughly clean every nook and cranny. And because we work around the clock, we can schedule your oven cleaning appointment at a time that won’t disrupt your personal or business operations.

Our oven cleaning prices are competitive, and we also offer other cleaning services for oven repairs Hobart and beyond. Want to know more?

Give us a call today to discuss your specific needs and receive a quote over the phone. Don’t wait – book an oven cleaning technician now and enjoy the benefits of a sparkling clean oven!

We can service and repair your oven

At Optima Cleaners, we specialise in oven repairs and cleaning in Hobart. Our experienced technicians understand the importance of keeping your oven clean, as built-up grime and carbon can not only affect its appearance but also impact its efficiency.

A dirty oven will require more energy to heat the debris before cooking your food, wasting energy and potentially shortening its lifespan. That’s why we offer professional oven cleaning services at competitive prices for both residential and commercial ovens.

Using the latest technology and products, our team takes the time to thoroughly clean your oven so it can function at its best capacity. Don’t delay in scheduling a cleaning appointment for your oven with us today.

We can also:

  • Have one of our repair technicians check seals and other performance issues
  • Replace broken or damaged parts
  • Give amazing discounts for combined cleaning services

Why does your oven need to be professionally cleaned regularly?

Many oven owners underestimate the importance of regular cleaning. A build-up of grease and food residue not only affects the taste and cooking time of your food, it also puts extra strain on the oven’s heating element. This added stress can decrease the oven’s lifespan and may even result in expensive repairs.

How often you clean your oven depends on how frequently you use it – a good rule of thumb is to schedule routine cleanings every 6-12 months. For a high-quality, thorough cleaning, hiring our professional oven cleaners in Hobart can ensure that your oven is maintained consistently and correctly.

  • Professional oven cleaning will increase the life of your oven
  • It will decrease your energy consumption (a clean oven uses less energy than a dirty
  • one to prepare the equal amount of food; a dirty oven takes longer time to heat up)
  • Your food will taste better
  • You will have free time
  • Manufacturers recommend having your oven professionally cleaned every 6/12 months, depending how often you use your oven, to maintain it in a proper working condition.

Don’t neglect this important oven maintenance task – a clean oven means better tasting meals and a longer oven life.

The Optima Cleaning Difference

As a professional oven cleaning company in Hobart, we pride ourselves on using the latest technology to deliver top-notch results for our clients. Traditional oven cleaning often proved difficult due to awkward angles and removable parts, but our Vertical dip tank™ technology allows us to thoroughly clean and sanitise every inch of your oven, including removing and cleaning doors and seals.

Our cost-effective services guarantee a transformation for your kitchen appliance. If you want to experience the benefits of trusting expert oven cleaners utilising cutting-edge technology, contact us today. Don’t wait any longer to bring back that shine to your oven.

  • 5 Star Service
  • Affordable Prices
  • Same day service
  • Eco friendly chemicals

What is the professional oven cleaning process we follow?

Ready to say goodbye to the grease and grime in your oven? Look no further than our professional oven cleaning services in Hobart. Our trained cleaners arrive on-site with all the necessary equipment to effectively clean your oven, leaving it sparkling like new.

No need for you to worry about providing any cleaning materials or products – just sit back and let us handle it. By choosing our oven cleaning services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your oven will be thoroughly cleaned by experts. Say goodbye to scrubbing and saying hello to a gleaming oven.

  1. As experienced professionals, our first priority is ensuring the safety of your kitchen and home. That’s why our cleaners will thoroughly inspect your oven before beginning the cleaning process. We take make, model, and current condition into account to ensure we are using the proper tools and techniques. Additionally, we always use a protective mat to minimise potential mess and guarantee a hassle-free experience for you.
  2. We start by removing all removable parts, such as racks and trays, and cleaning them individually. Then, we use a powerful degreaser to tackle the grease and grime left on the inside walls of your cooker.
  3. Our cleaning solution is specially formulated to dissolve even the most stubborn cooking build-up, but it does require some waiting time to do its job effectively. Once the solution has had a chance to work its magic, we use specialised detergents for different parts of the oven – fast foam for the interior, glass degreaser for the door, stainless steel cleaner for the exterior – ensuring a thorough and complete clean. Trust our team of experts to leave your oven sparkling like new.
  4. Our professional technicians understand the importance of paying special attention to the door – not only does grease and grime tend to build up in this area, but carbon deposits from burnt-on food particles can also cause issues with the functionality of your appliance. With every oven cleaning, we thoroughly scrape off any build-up and then wipe down the interior to remove any residue from our cleaning agents.
  5. Our thorough degreasing technique includes removing knobs and cleaning underneath to eliminate any potential grease traps. And upon completion, we make sure to polish and dry the exterior for a perfect finish.
  6. Once your professional oven cleaning service has been completed, you may use your oven as normal – but we highly recommend a short activation period before cooking in it. This is true for newly installed ovens, and the same principle applies after a thorough deep clean. Simply turn the oven on to its highest setting for around 15 minutes before using it. This will help to remove any residual cleaning agents and ensure that your food cooks safely and evenly.
  7. Our technicians are also trained in all aspects of kitchen cleaning, including proper handling and application of cleaners for stovetops and range hoods. Upon request, we can include this service in your regular cleaning appointment for just a small additional charge. And if you didn’t think to ask for it beforehand, no problem – simply let us know on the day of our visit and we’ll take care of it for you.

Upon request, our technicians will be happy to also clean the stovetop or range hood for a small additional charge. Stovetop/range hood clean can be requested both when initially organising the service and on the day, on-site.

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Optima Cleaners Are Your Leading Oven and BBQ Cleaning Service in Hobart

As the leading oven and BBQ cleaning company in Hobart, our technicians are trained and certified experts in their field. Their expertise and attention to detail ensure a safe and thorough clean of your oven or grill, with the added peace of mind of being fully insured.

Our oven cleaning team is also knowledgeable in all aspects of ovens and grills – able to inspect for performance issues and even replace broken parts, if necessary.

Plus, with availability on weekdays, weekends, and public holidays, we make it easy for you to schedule a service at a cost that won’t break the bank. Trust us to get the job done right – book your oven or BBQ clean service online or contact us today.

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Yes, We Also Offer Professional BBQ Cleaning in Hobart

BBQs are a quintessential part of summer, but without proper maintenance, they can quickly become a hazard. Grease and fat build-up not only affects the taste of your food, but it can also lead to unexpected flare ups during cooking. This is why regular BBQ cleaning from a professional BBQ cleaner is essential for ensuring safe and delicious BBQs.

At Optima Cleaners in Hobart, our BBQ cleaning services remove not only grease and fat build-up, but also carbon build-up that can affect the taste of your BBQ meals. Don’t let dirty BBQs ruin your summer cookouts – trust the experts at Optima Cleaners for savvy BBQ cleaning in Hobart. Take care of your BBQ and enjoy delicious, safe meals all summer long.

Our BBQ cleaning services in Hobart use non-abrasive methods to efficiently remove grease and carbon deposits without causing damage to the cooking surfaces. We have experience with a wide range of BBQ brands and models and use specialised equipment to tackle even the toughest cleaning challenges.

At Optima Cleaners, BBQ cleaning is our speciality – we are equipped with safe and cost-effective solutions to tackle even the toughest grills. As experts in BBQ maintenance, we offer competitive BBQ cleaning prices in the Hobart area and can also handle BBQ repairs as part of our comprehensive program.

As BBQ cleaning experts, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean grill for both commercial and domestic use. High temperatures from cooking can result in the build-up of grease and other harmful residue, potentially affecting the taste and safety of your food. That’s why at Optima Oven and BBQ Cleaning in Hobart, we offer prompt and professional cleaning services at affordable prices.

Whether you’re a restaurant owner in need of commercial BBQ cleaning or a homeowner looking for BBQ cleaning in Hobart, we have the expertise and equipment to get the job done efficiently. And with our after hours and weekend scheduling options, we can do it without interrupting your daily routine. Don’t let dirty grills affect the taste and safety of your food – trust us for all of your BBQ cleaning needs in Hobart.

The Optima Oven and BBQ Cleaning in Hobart is highly recommended for those who:

  • Use their oven more than twice per week
  • Use their BBQ on a regular basis
  • Are vacating a property and require oven cleaning
  • Are renting their property via a holiday outlet and require BBQ cleaning for guests
  • Have not used their BBQ for an extended period

Don’t risk BBQ fires or spoiled meals – trust the experts at Optima Cleaners for all your BBQ maintenance needs. BBQ cleaning in Hobart has never been easier. Trust us for all of your BBQ cleaning needs in Hobart – you won’t be disappointed. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

The Oven and BBQ Cleaning service can be combined
with the following additional services for best results


How long does it usually take to have an oven cleaned professionally?Deep oven cleaning of a standard single oven usually takes about an hour, up to an hour and a half to deliver exceptional results. Bear in mind that the time varies depending on the size (single, double, or commercial), the make, the model, and the condition of your kitchen appliance. The technician will confirm how much time the service will take when he arrives on-site.

How long after the cleaning service can I start using my oven?
After our visit, you are free to use your oven as you wish. We strongly recommend to let it work on high temperature for at least 10 to 15 minutes before the first use, as you would with a store-bought oven. The burning process will evaporate any moisture left from the cleaning, and you are ready to cook for your friends and family without a worry. After the allotted time has passed, insert the meal you’ve prepared, and you will notice that the cooking time is less than it used to be!

How often should I have my oven deep cleaned?
Oven manufacturers recommend a cleaning cycle of every 6 to 12 months performed by a professional. Oven maintenance, of course, depends on the frequency of usage and how you use it. When you first buy your oven, it may be easier to clean it yourself, but once several years go by, it’s time to trust a certified technician to do it for you. The oven cleaner will help you get rid of all the accumulated residue inside. He will clean even the glass door, which is often a pain to get to as the corners are practically unreachable by default. Once our technician inspects and performs the service, he can recommend when the next cleaning session should get scheduled.

Are you an insured Hobart oven cleaning service provider?
Yes, we are fully insured against all the tricks of the trade.

Is cleaning the range hood included in my service?
Of course, your range hood or stove top can get cleaned as part of the oven cleaning service for a small additional cost. Simply advise our friendly operator over the phone, mark it in your proprieties while booking online, or let the technician on-site know. Our staff will advise you on the updated price and proceed to clean everything you’ve requested to meet all your needs!

What if the technician makes a mess. Does he clean after himself?
All oven cleaners are equipped with overshoes, and protective sheets and pay special while they perform the service. If any dirt splashes aside, our staff will clean after themselves.

“Our mission is serving our clients. Everyone who works with us is our client. So essentially our mission is our client’s mission”

Mark Wisken – Optima Cleaners Director

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