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Thorough Builders Cleaning in Brisbane to Enjoy Dust-Free Environment

Having your property renovated can be both a dream come true and a nightmare. Once the builders have left you with your beautiful new design, there is also a ton of construction leftovers behind such as concrete splashes, paint, plaster and dust. 

Dust all over that doesn’t seem to want to get cleaned, no matter what you do. Here come our builders cleaning Brisbane solution, and we are happy and eager to help you with every step you make in a new direction.

Our post-construction cleaning services will help you quickly put everything in order after the builders have left without having to lift a finger. 

The service we offer is hourly based, so you can order as many hours are needed to help with your particular project. It will be completely tailored to your needs, the layout of the property and type of construction you had. 

As a reputable builders cleaning company in Brisbane with years of experience in this field, we will gladly help you estimate how long you’ll need for incredible results. You are free to book the recommended hours and if the cleaning team finishes the job quicker, then your cleaning hours and cost will be re-calculated.

Builders Clean Brisbane

The Brisbane after builders cleaning service is most often performed after you’ve had:

  • Kitchen remodelling;
  • Bathroom renovation;
  • Repainting of the entire house/flat’s interior;
  • Getting a new extension;
  • Knocking down or putting up a new wall;
  • Refurbishment;
  • Any other home project you a builder visited your home.

After Builders Cleaning Services Brisbane

All our teams have industrial-grade equipment and robust solutions for construction cleaning in Brisbane. With our builders clean rates, you will see there are no hidden charges, and you will only pay for the service you offered.

Call for Builders Clean Rates

No hidden charges and the best thing – you can order your service to be performed for the same price on weekdays as well as weekends and bank holidays. Our builders cleaners in Brisbane are here to assist in any way we can at the most convenient time for you. The post-construction clean up services can be combined for best results with:

All our teams have industrial grade equipment and potent cleaning solutions. With us you will see there are no hidden charges and you will only pay for the service you offered. No hidden charges and the best thing – you can order your service to be performed for the exact same price on weekdays as well as weekends and bank holidays. We are here to assist in any way we can at the most convenient time for you. The after builders cleaning service can be combined for best results with:

Pick and choose your services and rest assured we will take care of the rest! Just point us in the right direction.

Why Our Builders Clean Service in Brisbane Is So Effective?

You might wonder what is so different than the way you clean on a regular deep cleaning session? Well, the truth is your property might be the same, but the type of dust and dirt that you would want to get cleaned is not the one you usually clean yourself. 

The post-renovation residue is best removed straight away and effectively otherwise, once things dry up and soak in after time you may never be able to clean them, no matter the efforts and money you put in.

To perform an outstanding after-construction cleaning service, we are equipped with industrial-grade equipment, including high performing vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and pressure washers, tall ladders to reach every corner of your home and professional scrubbers. 

Our Brisbane builders cleaners use only robust cleaning solutions which are not harmful to you, nor your family. Those are combined with state of the art cleaning methodology to achieve the best cleaning results possible.

What Will Your Post-Construction Cleaning Service in Brisbane Include?

When you find yourself in need of a cleaning service after renovation, you can quickly and easily book our services. Your booking will include:

  • Deep vacuuming of all carpeted areas;
  • Mopping and cleaning of all floors and stairs to remove dust, paint, and plaster;
  • Safe cleaning and polishing of all light switches and electricity sockets;
  • Dusting and cleaning of all doors, door frames and skirting boards;
  • Internal cleaning of all windows, sills, and frames;
  • Deep cleaning and polishing of all cupboards, countertops, shelves, skirting boards, tables, bedside tables, wardrobes, fittings and fixtures;
  • Detailed radiator cleaning;
  • Sanitizing the toilet bowl, deep cleaning of showers and shower doors, bathroom sink, mirrors;
  • Scrubbing, de-liming, and de-scaling of all bathroom and kitchen tiles.

We do recommend additional carpet steam cleaning and external professional window cleaning to be added to your service to achieve the best results possible.

 Expert Builders Cleaners in Brisbane You Can Trust

Our builders cleaning prices are completely affordable and your free time will be worth the money. Optima Cleaners’ in Brisbane are qualified, reference-checked and fully insured for your peace of mind.All our teams have high-end equipment and are trained in the latest cleaning methodologies. As an innovating company, we only use eco-friendly cleaning products which are powerful, but safe for the environment, your family and friends, children and pets.


Once you organise your construction cleaning service with us, you will have the chance to welcome local, trained and experienced Brisbane cleaners to help you with your home. They are prompt, polite and friendly, and you can book your builders clean service any time, from anywhere with just a few clicks online. For your convenience, we are available seven days a week, and we work at no extra charges on weekends and holidays. We offer flexible starting times to accommodate your schedule and make sure the service will get performed at a convenient time for you.

Ready to get rid of all construction debris and enjoy a dust-free home?

My builders left the house a complete mess, and I’m really impressed with the cleaning they did after. There were tons of dust, paint and plaster and cleaners managed to remove those flawlessly. Excellent customer service

Eric Lord

To be honest, probably the best post-construction cleaning services I used in the past couple of years. They are fast and efficient.

Cork Smith

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