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Couch and Sofa Cleaning

Effective Upholstery Cleaning in Brisbane Performed by Local Experts

Has time ever slowed down for you whenever something was being spilt or dropped on your beautiful couch just so you can think for a moment that you could save it, but then the moment is over and what’s done is done? Fear no more as our deep upholstery cleaning in Brisbane is the perfect solution do deal with stains, spills or when you just want to clean your items from the everyday dust.

You don’t have to be afraid of letting your kids on the couch or worrying every time your pet comes in the house with dirty paws or fear a visit from friends and family. Few things are irreversible in this world, and luckily general stains on your upholstery aren’t one of them.

Did you know statistics show we spend 40% of our lives sitting at home? And if your couch is the most convenient thing in your home then imagine how many hours of sitting that is.

But don’t worry – the thing is that couches got made for sitting and lounging and maybe the occasional nap and we’re here to make sure they are clean and fresh for you and ready to use.

If you’re a homeowner with kids and pets or you’re moving in or out of your property, then the easiest thing for you would be to call us for an upholstery clean.

Optima Cleaners' staff is fully insured and qualified to clean various types of upholstery, some of which but not limited to:

Upholstery Cleaners Brisbane
  • Couches and loveseats;
  • Armchairs and recliners;
  • Ottomans;
  • Leather furniture;
  • Sofa sets;
  • House and office chairs;
  • Dining chairs;
  • Car upholstery.

It’s best if you have all your upholstery cleaned frequently – once or twice a year depending on the usage and stains. Having your furniture professionally steam cleaned does not only help with appearances but is healthier for you and your family. 

The process of hot water extraction cleaning removes dangerous bacteria, allergens, and accumulated dust and dirt.

It will also quite successfully remove the most frequently met and made food and drinks stains, even pet hair and bad odor. It is safe and will be good for your children as it reduces the risk of asthma and asthma attacks.

We use eco-friendly cleaning products and have various stain removal solutions that would best treat different stains and different materials.
All our technicians are fully qualified in all areas of upholstery cleaning, and we perform both domestic and commercial services.

Deep Couch Cleaning in Brisbane to Enjoy Your Time at Home

Our deep couch and upholstery cleaning services are performed with the hot water extraction method. It is suitable for both synthetic and mixed fiber materials. 

Once our technician arrive, he will first assess all high-traffic areas and areas that need extra attention and also the type of upholstery you have. Then they will proceed on to deep vacuuming. 

Afterwards, he will pre-treat all stains and spots with specific cleaning solutions depending on the type of stains and the fiber – this will help with the stain and odor removal. 

Once the solutions have settled, our Brisbane upholstery cleaner will shampoo the item and finally use the same equipment to wash it off while at the same time be extracting up to 95% of the moisture back into the machine. 

Once the cleaning is complete, we will use an add-on to guarantee all odors and pollutants got removed from your upholstery.

After the steam upholstery/couch cleaning service, the fabric of your furniture won’t be soaking wet, but you should wait for a little bit longer for it to completely dry before using it. If you wish to speed the drying process, you can open doors and windows to help the ventilation of the room the upholstery is in.

Prolong The Life of Your Furniture by Applying Scotchgard Fabric And Upholstery Protector

If you would like to keep your upholstery clean for longer, then you don’t have to close your home to visitors and wrap everything in protective sheets! Happily, we have at hand a brilliant solution that acts as fabric and upholstery protector. Meet Scotchgard

This miraculous couch protector is transparent and odorless, so it will not, in any way, affect the color or state of your fabric. Once applied, it will act as an invisible layer, and it will keep everything you drop or spill on it lingering on the surface for you to wipe. 

Simply use a damp cloth or towel as quickly as you can after the spill and wipe everything carefully off. That way your red wine let’s say won’t soak deep into the fabric making a stain but will stay on the surface and wait for you to wipe it off!

The Scotchgard will completely protect the state of your upholstery for up to six months and can be re-applied at any time. It will also prolong the life and quality of your belongings as you will need less frequent cleaning sessions because they will get sealed off from the world. Ask our upholstery cleaner on-site to apply it, and he’ll happily oblige.

How much does Couch Cleaning in Brisbane cost?

Upholstery Type


Couch (by section)

$33.00 $40.00

2 Seater (or chaise)

$69.00 $80.00


$35.00 $40.00

Dining Chair

$10.00 $15.00


$15.00 $20.00

Anti-virus Sanitising

FREE $20.00

*T&C apply

*We don't apply any hidden fees, charges or taxes. Minimum call fee of $79.00

Leather Couch Cleaning To Fully Restore The Original Looks Of Your Upholstery

If you own a leather couch, then you must think that you wouldn’t need cleaning at all. But the truth is if you don’t carefully take care of your leather upholstery, it may face an untimely trip to the junk depot. 

With our leather couch cleaning service we will not only clean and sanitize, but also restore the looks of your beautiful leather furniture. This treatment is suitable for absolutely all colors, including white.

Firstly the leather cleaning solution will be tested on a small patch which is hardly visible by our technician, to make sure we won’t in any way damage your upholstery. 

Then a foam cleaning solution will be applied into the leather while our specialist gently rubs it into the upholstery until it successfully absorbs all the dirt and contaminants. Then using a soft cotton cloth your sofa, couch, armchair, or stool will get carefully wiped off top-to-bottom. 

Once the cleaning is complete, we will apply a special solution that will help firm and restore the state of the leather. And with that, your leather care is complete!

Sofa Upholstery Cleaners Brisbane

You don’t have to be afraid of letting your kids on the sofa/couch or worrying every time your pet comes in the house with dirty paws or fear a visit from friends and family. Few things are irreversible in this world, and luckily general stains on your upholstery aren’t one of them.

Professional Upholstery/Couch Cleaners in Brisbane You Can Trust

Our upholstery cleaners in Brisbane are available for you to call and arrange a visit seven days of the week, working on weekends and public holidays as well for your convenience.

Car Steam Cleaning Services in Brisbane

You can book your car steam cleaning in Brisbane online anytime with just a few clicks. All our cleaners and technicians are insured, prompt, polite and friendly and the great news – they are local to you!

Furniture/Leather Couch Cleaning in Brisbane

Our couch cleaners in Brisbane are thoroughly trained, experienced and also equipped with industrial-grade machines, skilled in upholstery steam cleaning using the latest cleaning methodologies.

Our upholstery cleaning in Brisbane is an excellent addition to your spring or after builders cleaning service. For best results, you can also combine it with professional window cleaning.

Contact us and enjoy clean and dust-free environment.

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