House Cleaning

You return from work tired. You decide to unwind. Maybe watch a TV show or jump in the shower. But suddenly, your attention goes back to the floor, bathroom, kitchen and living room that have become a mess. And soon after you find yourself cleaning the house and handling other chores that you hate doing.

Why not let Optima Cleaners clean your house so you can devote your limited time to things you love doing? We provide house cleaning services in Brisbane on demand as well as on a regular basis. You can choose whichever arrangement suits your needs and budget.

Regular Cleaning Brisbane

Cleaning your house regularly is important, and you know that. But it’s quite difficult to find time and gather energy for something that you don’t want to do in the first place. Or, you are comfortable vacuuming the carpets occasionally, but cleaning other areas of the house is just too much work.

We can feel you.

That is why we offer regular cleaning service in Brisbane. We come to your home at pre-determined intervals to clean certain areas or the entire house, as specified by you.

You can buy our daily, weekly or fortnightly cleaning package and cancel anytime – no strings attached. Being a local company in the area for so many years, Optima Cleaners has become the first choice of homeowners for regular cleaning in Brisbane.

House Cleaners Brisbane

Our house cleaners are fully insured and trained to clean busy homes with kids and pets. Keeping your wellbeing in mind, we use eco-friendly products to clean your interiors so that you don’t have to deal with a pungent smell after every clean-up.

Try our cleaning services to get stunning results and save time for doing things that make you happy.