Expert mattress cleaning in Brisbane for better health and sleep.

Professional Mattress Cleaning

Expert Mattress Cleaning in Brisbane For a Healthy Sleep

You may wonder why one might need a mattress cleaning in Brisbane since it’s always covered up with fresh linen and most people even remember to air out a bit every once in a while. Have you considered the thought that we actually spend a third of our life sleeping? 

The bed linen that we use might get cleaned often, and you can enjoy their crispiness right after you’ve just changed them, but that does not change the fact that while we sleep our body continues to sweat, we emit body oils, shed skin, fallen hairs and everything else body-related.

You might be the cleanest person alive and maintain the best personal hygiene possible, but that still doesn’t change the fact that our bodies leave behind the cells they no longer need, and one-third of them happens while we’re in bed. Sometimes even mold can build up from the excessive moisture, and that’s a whole new problem that you may have to deal with.

Luckily we don’t have to buy a new mattress every so often but can rely on a proven and simple 3 step cleaning process – stain treatment, sanitizing and finally – deodorizing. The benefits of regular professional mattress cleaning are countless, but to name a few:

  • It will improve the quality of your sleep and rest time while speeding up your nightly recovery, so you can start your day fresh;
  • Having regular mattress cleaning service can kill all germs and bacteria such as fungi, dust mites and also remove residue of dead skin and accumulated dirt;
  • It will successfully remove almost all type of stains or at least reduce their visibility immensely;
  • Reduces the risk of asthma and allergies and also lowers the chance of such outbreaks if you are already suffering from one of the two;
  • Regular cleaning will save you money by prolonging the life of your mattress as well as maintain the store-bought quality of your item longer.

For the professional steam cleaning of your mattress, we will only use eco-friendly cleaning solutions, and the service will be performed by our fully qualified and certified mattress cleaning technicians

Mattress sanitizing that we offer is children and pet-safe and can be arranged for both your personal property and also for public facilities and sites or any other commercial projects. 

For larger projects, we will be able to send more than one technician on-site to perform the service in a timely manner. Whether you are a hotel or a motel or another type of commercial property with mattresses to clean, we will be happy to help you on your quest for delivering a clean and comfortable sleep.

Why is Professional Mattress Steam Cleaning so Important in Brisbane?

Having your mattresses cleaned by our expert mattress cleaners of Brisbane has its apparent benefits, but it also has a few surprising ones. After a mattress cleaning service, you will naturally have a cleaner bed that also has a fresher feel to it.The service is quite successful with almost all types of stains which get frequently made on mattresses, including urine stain removal. You may not see sweat and body oils stains, but it is quite normal for those to be on your bedding as well – our bed cleaning service also removes them.Ordering our mattress cleaning in Brisbane on a frequent basis will also ensure timely allergens removal, hence preserve your health. This can help relieve asthma symptoms so you can have your peace of mind and not worry about such things in the comfort of your own home, which can be a haven for you. Our professional mattress steam cleaning will also improve the indoor air quality of your property, which in turn also provides a better sleep environment. Timely cleanings of your items will extend its life, hence saving you the money and effort of having to buy a new one every so often.

Deep Mattress Cleaning And Effective Stain Removal

Optima Cleaners’ technicians are experts and fully qualified in the hot water extraction method, which is proven to be the best solutions for most of the mattress types and materials on the market. Mattress types such as memory foam, gel, latex, pillow-top and many more are covered and get safely cleaned using this very method, showing excellent results.

There is a very detailed and well-considered cleaning process that has to take place to achieve the best results possible. Firstly the mattress has to be deeply vacuumed to remove any particles, dust and anything else that’s accumulated. 

Then a comprehensive inspection must be performed and all stains treated with the relevant stain remover solution. Afterwards, the hot water extraction cleaning method will follow and the full sanitizing of your mattress. 

If needed, to completely get rid of bad smells, we can deodorize the item as a final step to the cleaning process.

After we finish the mattress will not be soaking wet but damp and will usually need between 4 and 6 hours to dry. If it has been cleaned from both sides, the drying process might get elongated to up to 24 hours. Helping with the ventilation of the room, regardless of the temperature, will help speed up the drying process.

Mattress Cleaning Prices in Brisbane

Mattress Size










Fully Certified Local Mattress Cleaners in Brisbane You Can Rely On

Your deep cleaning service will get performed by one of our fully qualified and insured Brisbane mattress cleaners. They are experts in their field and with the latest high-end equipment and methodology will deliver a completely chemical-free mattress cleaning

The steam cleaning process is safe for your children and pets, and our technicians are prompt, polite and friendly. They are all local and always near you, trained and experienced, and you can easily book a mattress cleaning expert online at any time with just a few clicks

As a reputable mattress cleaning company in Brisbane, we are available seven days a week for your convenience and offer flexible starting times. 

The length of the service can be confirmed with you on-site but does not usually take much more than an hour per mattress. You are welcome to supervise our technicians while they work or leave them to it and take care of your daily schedule.

Ready to have your mattresses deep cleaned and improve your sleep?

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