Professional and certified disinfection of your home or office.

AntiVirus Sanitising and Disinfection


Amidst this COVID-19 lockdown the professional cleaning industry has been deemed an essential service that is responsible for the protection of public health, food and property. Optima Cleaners is taking all precautions for the safety of both our customers and technicians. Each staff member has completed and is enforcing actions of the COVID-19 infection control training course. If you are in any way experiencing any symptoms or are self-isolating as a precaution then please refrain from booking until you have been cleared.

We appreciate your understanding during these times. The importance of our services has never been of greater concern than now, with the spread of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) the causative virus of COVID-19 disease.

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Sanitising and Disinfection of your home

Let’s face it. Not many were prepared or imagined the COVID-19 hype will evolve into pandemic which will cost the lives of many or bring the economy to the verge of depression.  And it is a fact and the magnitude of the problem is getting bigger and scales are concerning.

For the time being there are two main ways in which we can address the problem:

  1. Stay home ​
  2. Make sure we sanitise all surfaces and details on daily basis

And this is where Optima Cleaners could be of big help.  We tailored a service which focuses on keeping your home safe and virus free – Professional Sanitising and Disinfection.

What you can expect from us:

Sanitising and Disinfecting in Brisbane

The disinfection process is totally safe for children and pets, and also applicable for residential and commercial purposes. Upon completion you can just air out the place in order to ensure pleasant environment for work or living. Our professional disinfecting effectively kills mould, bacteria, germs and viruses, and it also stimulates infection control.

The difference between Cleaning, Sanitising and Disinfecting

When you clean a surface with a piece of wet cloth, it simply removes debris, dirt and dust that's visible to naked eyes. However, the harmful micro-organisms that we can't see still persist. This is where sanitising a surface helps.

Sanitising tends to reduce and not kill the existence and growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi. And when you disinfect a surface, you are “killing” the micro-organisms as claimed on a certain product's label.

Cleaning alone will help minimize health hazards for indoor occupants because various allergens and microorganisms will be removed from the indoor surfaces. The challenge, however, is the cross-contamination risk. The mopping solution and the cleaning tools that one is using could be spreading disease in the absence of a germicide.

Sanitising kills/reduces the bacteria existence by 99.9 percent (3 log10) but it does nothing to treat viruses and fungus. While sanitising a surface is several times better than cleaning alone, disinfecting reduces the pathogen populations on environmental surfaces significantly.

The modern-day disinfectant can kill 100 percent of 6 log10 of an organism. A sanitiser can reduce that 6 log10 down to 3 Log10. That can be put into real numbers. Starting with 1 million organisms on a surface, a disinfectant must kill 100 percent of them. Whereas a sanitiser can only reduce the number of microorganisms down to 1,000 and leaves virus and fungus untreated.

Provided that the labour is the highest cost component of the cleaning process, there's no reason a facility manager would compromise on the quantity and quality of antimicrobial solution being used.

Professional sanitisation and disinfection with certified products?

  • Eliminate 99% of the germs and bacteria
  • Safe for your children and pets
  • Minimises the risk of infection
  • Same Day service available
  • Done by vetted, insured and trained technicians
  • Passed infection control training

Sanitising and Disinfection for your office

If your workplace is regularly cleaned by a professional cleaning service, you may think that your employees are relatively protected from germs.

However, it’s important to be aware that there is a difference between general cleaning services and disinfecting services. Proper disinfection involves the use of specialised cleaning products and procedures. Disinfection is often required in high traffic areas such as common areas of workplaces in order to stop the spread of viruses.

Many potent viruses have the ability to live on a surface, especially plastics (laminates), glass and ceramics (sinks, doors etc.) and stainless steel for up to nine days. Standard cleaning products are just not strong enough to completely kill these germs.

To help your business protect workers and customers by reducing the spread of illnesses, Optima Cleaners offers thorough office disinfecting services.

Options available

Before the disinfection takes place, we can also help with the following services, which could be combined with the disinfection:

  1. Cleaning + Disinfection
  2. Carpet/Upholstery Disinfection


AntiVirus Disinfection

Cleaning + AntiVirus Disinfection

Carpet/ Couch Power Steam Cleaning

 $119.00 for 3 hours 

 $159.00 for 4 hours 

 $29.00 per room/seat


Expert disinfection services done with certified products

Preventing spreading of the highly contagious virus is a top priority and must be conducted with the utmost dedication and certified cleaning products. Furthermore it needs to be carried out by technicians who have no symptoms or have not travelled overseas in last 3 months.

You can now get a quote or book in a professional anti-virus treatment for your home and minimise the chances of further infection.

We commit to sending a fully trained team in accordance with Government Covid-19 Infection control Training, vetted and equipped with certified detergents to conduct and disinfect the high contact areas and points of contact in your house or work place.

Areas of Focus



High contact areas




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Sanitising and Disinfecting in Brisbane

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