Upholstery Cleaning in Brisbane

Our Upholstery Cleaning in Brisbane includes the thorough assessment and cleaning of various materials to restore their colour, cleanliness and odour.

We achieve outstanding upholstery cleaning results for the following materials:


If you own a leather couch, then you must think that you wouldn’t need cleaning at all. But the truth is if you don’t carefully take care of your leather upholstery, it may face an untimely trip to the junk depot. 

With our Upholstery Cleaning in Brisbane, we will not only clean and sanitise, but also restore the looks of your beautiful leather furniture. This treatment is suitable for absolutely all colours, including white.

Firstly, the leather cleaning solution will be tested on a small patch which is hardly visible by our technician, to make sure we won’t in any way damage your upholstery. 

Then a foam cleaning solution will be applied into the leather while our specialist gently rubs it into the upholstery until it successfully absorbs all the dirt and contaminants. Then using a soft cotton cloth your sofa, couch, armchair, or stool will get carefully wiped off top-to-bottom. 

Once the cleaning is complete, we will apply a special solution that will help firm and restore the state of the leather. And with that, your leather care is complete!

Sofa Upholstery

You don’t have to be afraid of letting your kids on the sofa/couch or worrying every time your pet comes in the house with dirty paws or fear a visit from friends and family. Few things are irreversible in this world, and luckily general stains on your upholstery aren’t one of them.

Car Steam Cleaning

You can book your car steam cleaning online anytime with just a few clicks. All our cleaners and technicians are insured, prompt, polite and friendly and the great news – and they are local to you!

Furniture Cleaning

Our couch cleaners are thoroughly trained, experienced and also equipped with industrial-grade machines, skilled in upholstery steam cleaning using the latest cleaning methodologies.

Our Upholstery Cleaning in Brisbane is an excellent addition to your spring or after builders cleaning service. For best results, you can also combine it with professional window cleaning.

Contact us and enjoy clean and dust-free environment.

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