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While tidying up at home everyone for sure is facing the need to get rid of some old, useless, or even broken things. But when the time to throw anything away comes, how to make sure that by doing so you are not harming the environment? This article will help you to answer this question. There are a lot of different home facilities we use for a broad range of purposes, they are made of different materials and obviously can not be recycled in the same way. So let’s take a look together at what we can do to make our cleaning more environmentally friendly.

Definitely, the most attention is requiring plastic items, dozens of which each household has. Every year over five billion tons of plastic are chunked, while only 1% of this amount is recycled. Of course, for us, it is much easier to collect all the stuff we want to throw away and ditch it into a trash bin, compared to sorting it by code. It may make us satisfied and happier but for sure not our planet. Usually, we need to throw away many bathroom bottles (body wash, shampoo, etc.) They are marked as easily recyclable so we need to collect them separately and send them directly to the box for PVC plastic. The same approach is applicable for empty bottles from detergents – you can put them there as well. Also, check our article about how you can find alternatives to usual detergents, it is available by the link.

Besides, keep in mind that there are more sorts of plastic than you may think. It means that it would be perfect to sort each item respectively to the type of material it belongs to. For example, plastic bottles are made of Polyethylene Terephthalate or Polyester. Plastic bags are generally made of Low-Density Polyethylene, food containers, and disposable cups from Polystyrene (PS). All those types of plastic should not be mixed in trash containers if you want to keep your cleaning sustainable.

Among other home items, we should mention light bulbs deserve some attention. A very good decision is to switch to an energy-saving LED or CFL bulb. They are more durable and won’t make you confused about how to sort them for recycling very often.

Another important category of things which we should recycle is paper. There are a lot of books, old magazines or newspapers. A very common mistake is to mix paper with other materials in a trash bin. When it comes to books, it is much better to donate them than to recycle. Just find the closest bookcrossing point in your city and leave it there, for sure it will make someone happier. The rest of the paper can be accepted by any recycling organization in your area.

The same way you should treat old electronics. Unfortunately, you can’t just throw away all broken laptops, phones, and TVs, each device contains a large number of toxic chemicals and heavy metals which are very harmful to the environment. Mixing it with any other sort of recycling materials is not a solution as well. The best you can do is to find a local recycling center that’s equipped to deal with electronic materials. Otherwise, you can just bring it to any local store of used electronics and the owner will likely find something useful in your devices and maybe you can even earn some money on it.

Clothes, sheets, blankets should not go to the same trash bin with other stuff as well. The best way to get rid of them is to donate. There are plenty of charity and non-profit organizations collecting used clothes to distribute them among those who need them. Just do a quick research and you’ll find contacts of people from such an organization from your local community, who will be delighted to take your old clothing away and use it for good.

There is a very big temptation to toss used aerosol cans with the rest of the metal from home. But we should not do it. While used cans from soda or beer are harmless, those from aerosol are very hazardous. What we recommend to do is to separate plastic elements from the can and to toss it with the rest of the plastic for recycling. And the can itself should be sent to the recycling center.

We hope that the article was useful for you and you will enjoy cleaning your home from old things and taking care of nature. And as always we will be back soon with a new portion of interesting cleaning insights.

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