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Tile cleaning is one of the most difficult household chores. It takes a lot of rubbing, scrubbing and polishing to revive your dirty tiles back to life. With Optima Cleaners, you can get sparkling tiles without having to do the hard work. Our tile cleaning experts will clean your floor and wall tiles and remove hardened grime from the grouts to give your surface a brand-new appeal.

Tile cleaning is important. But it’s not always possible for you to take up such cleaning chores after a hectic day at work. And nobody likes to spend their weekends dragging a mop bucket around the house. So, save yourself the time and effort by hiring Optima Cleaners.

Investing in a home remodel or home addition is an exciting venture.

It’s also a messy one!

Our Methods

Every tiled surface is unique. The material, texture and the installation. Using harsh chemicals or inappropriate cleaning solutions might remove stains and grime, but they often leave the tiles looking dull and worn-out.

You might not have the right product to clean your tiles, but our experts do. We have been cleaning commercial and residential tiles for many years. This gives us the knowledge to pick the right products and method for specific tiles in order to retain their original finish.

You can book our Tile & Grout cleaning services anytime, and we’d be happy to assist you with your last-minute cleaning requirements.

If you are thinking about whether it makes sense to call in a professional to clean a small portion of your Tile & Grout, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are available for all kinds of Tile & Grout cleaning jobs, no matter how big or small.

Cities we Service

Looking for extra cleaning services from Optima?

Our comprehensive range of cleaning services includes tile cleaning, grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, bond cleaning, window cleaning and more. Whether you only need your Tile & Grout cleaned or a combination of various Optima cleaning services, we are happy to customise a cleaning solution to your needs. We pride ourselves for offering high-quality cleaning solutions at competitive prices.

In addition to our Tile & Grout Cleaning services, we offer complementary services which include carpet, upholstery and window cleaning. All items which are commonly required within the home.

Consider combining your Tile & Grout Clean with other cleaning services to fast track your sparkling clean home. We look forward to supporting you with premium, professional cleaning solutions.

If you’re interested in our regular services, but you would like to have an initial cleaning performed to maintain the condition of your bathroom and kitchen we will be happy to perform Tile & Grout Cleaning for you.

“Our mission is serving our clients. Everyone who works with us is our client. So essentially our mission is our client’s mission”

Mark Wisken – Optima Cleaners Director

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