Used Cars: A Guide to Sanitise and Cleanse

November 17, 2020 -

Having a car in Australia is essential. Trams and buses are great options for travelling within cities, but they run on set schedules with defined routes and consumers have been turning away from publich transport during the COVID-19 crisis . Used car are a perfect option for someone looking to purchase a means of locomotion while sticking to a budget, but they might not come in the most clean condition and while COVID-19 is still hanging around, ensuring that you new purchase is clean and safe is important.

Cleaning the Interior

The first step in cleaning out your new car is to remove all trash present. Discard any large pieces of trash, including food wrappers and receipts. Then take a vacuum to the interior. This can be done with a standard household vacuum or with a high-quality shop vacuum.

Your first pass with the vacuum should be with the floor mats still in the car. Then remove the mats. Now vacuum once more. Be sure to move your seats as far forward and backward as possible while vacuuming to ensure that you get any and all dirt and debris present. When vacuuming the surface of your seats, you’ll need to recline any seats that can and make certain to get down into the nooks of where the seats fold.

The next steps of cleaning your interior are dependent on the materials that make up the inside of your car. Fabric car seats need a deep washing while vinyl and leather seats require special cleaners.

For the Upholstery

To clean the upholstery on fabric seats, you’ll need to purchase special upholstery-safe shampoo. Mix the shampoo according to the packaging’s instructions. Working in small sections, apply the shampoo to the fabric. Thoroughly work the shampoo into the cloth with either a coarse wash rag or a stiff-bristled brush. Once you have completely scrubbed an area, pat it dry with a clean towel. You will see any dirt and stains begin to lift. This process may need to be repeated for heavily soiled seats.

Once all of the fabric areas have been cleaned, you can spray your favourite brand of aerosol disinfectant into the fabric. This will sanitise your seats and eliminate any germs that weren’t killed in the washing process.

For Leather and Vinyl

For vinyl and leather seats, a simple vinegar solution will not only lift away offensive dirt but it can sanitise the area as well. Mix two parts vinegar to one part water in a spray bottle. Working in small sections, heavily wet spray the area to be cleaned. Use a soft microfibre cloth to work the vinegar solution into the seats. Then, use a separate clean cloth to dry the area.

For the Rest

Your two parts vinegar to one part water solution can also be used to clean and sanitise the dashboard, wheel, and controls of your car. For smaller areas such as the buttons on your radio, you may need to use a detailing brush or a soft-bristled toothbrush to work the solution down into the crannies of the area. These small areas can be dried off with cotton swabs or allowed to air dry.

With your car now clean and germ-free, you’re ready to take a trip up the coast or into the desert. Or jsut up to the shops!

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