When is the best time for cleaning carpets?

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The best time to clean carpets is a relative concept and could not be placed in any strict framework. As there is no specific season in which it is mandatory to buy this item, no one can tell you when to clean it. Everything is a matter of your preferences, organization and time.

There are some factors that tell you that your favorite carpet needs hygiene – best stick to it. It is not forbidden to clean it any season if you visit the room where it is located. However, this is an unusual phenomenon because it is associated with extraordinary expenses. Therefore, it is enough and once a year to plan it in your budget, except in case of emergency situations. This will provide you with a clean and inviting atmosphere in your home.

Factors that affect the cleaning of your carpet

The number of family members

This is a factor you have not thought about, but it really means a lot. Think only if you live alone or you are a family of two, three people. At this point, if you invite guests for two days only – do they need to be thoroughly cleaned after?

This is the situation with a multi-family family who walks daily on the paths or large carpets placed on the ground. No matter how hard you keep and clean your home regularly, the dirt builds up quickly and over time. That is why the number of members in your apartment or house is not underestimated in relation to the need to clean the carpet flooring.

Having pets and young children

You have to admit that pets are the number 1 bad boys, along with little kids. You are probably trying to teach them discipline in all ways, but there are often cases in which your dog urinates on the carpet and your child spills or vomits.

These are some of the stains that cause the most unpleasant odors, which means you should call a carpet cleaning company directly. In such cases, you can not wait until the next season, because you decided that you would then perform the great carpet cleaning. The bad news for this group of factors is that you may have to be more often hygienic. Think tricks about keeping your dog farther away from the room, and with children be more observant

The location of the carpet

The rate of  carpet cleaning depends on the room where you have the carpet. First, you have to consider whether it is at your villa, in your home, in a rental apartment, or in the office. Each location gives indications of varying degrees of pollution.

You can guess that the carpets in the office will most need cleaning, unlike the cottage you visit during the weekends or less often. Here again, there is no way to outline specific hygiene limits, look especially at the look of the flooring

The purpose of the carpet

The purpose is critical to the need for cleaning. It can serve to keep you warm during the winter months, giving you unmatched cosiness. It is possible to use it to fill the bare place on the ground as an accessory or hang on the wall.

The latter option implies less frequent cleaning due to the fact that you will not tread on it daily. It will also collect dust, but the threat of stubborn stains is minimized. To keep your winter carpet longer, you can store it and store it in the right place in the right way during the warmer months – it will extend its life.

Which is the best time to clean your carpet?

You’ve all probably heard the phrase: “It’s time for spring cleaning.” Maybe you also practice this way, and maybe you do it when you get rid of the many commitments. Dry or Steam Carpet cleaning is possible in every season, and time is too unpredictable.

Do not plan the exact season, but make a spontaneous decision depending on the pollution. Hiring a firm will bring you secure results at any moment. Trust a specialist if you do not want to take up the complicated task yourself instead of postponing.


Cleaning in spring is a classic. Why not be the most recommended season for deep cleaning of your carpet? This is definitely the case, especially in countries and regions with severe winters, with a lot of rain and snow.

Moisture is an enemy for carpets and their drying would be very difficult during such periods. On the other hand, you can easily put dirt in your home during these muddy periods, which is also a prerequisite for polluting your carpet. Therefore, once the climate improves, take care of the thorough cleaning of all floor coverings in your home.


The summer months are the next appropriate period for cleaning your home entirely. What is observed, however, is that it is the holiday season, holidays, beach, sea, outdoor sports, long walks and more. Of all these fun activities, it’s as if it’s rare for someone to clean up.

Well, the good news is that for your carpets you can hire a company to do it for you. So you will continue to deal with your hobbies, and when you return you will take a look at what has been done, and you will enjoy the purity. The summer home is much less common, which means that a clean carpet in the summer will look good for longer.


The fall season is a little sad because the day is falling and is expected to cool down. However, this is a perfect time to do your homework if you also have a vacation in the summer.

Prepare your home for the upcoming Christmas holidays before the mass rains and snow have begun. Autumn sunny days are very suitable for cleaning because they are not so hot and there is no moisture. If you miss the spring and summer of carpet hygiene, now is the time to do so.


Winter is the most humid and gloomy season, but you have plenty of time to clean because you are mostly inside warm. Carpet cleaning is also possible, even if you do not stay in open windows, which is recommended for absorbing moisture from the carpet after treatment in some way. Autumn is a period during which allergies are triggered – the cleaning of the floor coverings in the winter will kill them.

Drying would be a little longer, but if you use a professional company, you will not have any problems. They have powerful moisture-suction machines, and offer a “dry cleaning” technique, which reduces drying time.

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