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Rugs are a slightly different type of flooring than carpets, but they have the same purpose. Today, carpets would often be seen in dwellings and houses, but there is a huge interest in rugs as well. They are known for their smaller size but have a wide variety, meaning they are able to make a lot of contribution to the interesting interior.

They are placed as an accent under small coffee tables, such as a path in the corridor and even a wall as a decorative accessory. They are relatively cheaper, easier to be placed and hence – easier to be replaced and give your room a nice fresh look. They are modern and modern with many colors, as well as in a very authentic look. Surely they would attract the attention of visitors to your home if they are well-chosen. Bet on quality and take care of your beautiful thing.

What do you need to know about rugs and their maintenance?

Blacks can be very different in terms of fabrication and color range

They are used to cover a part of the floor, rather to accentuate, rather than to give heat. You will meet them in materials such as wool, silk, cotton, synthetics, camel hair and more. You could choose Oriental, Persian, Modern or Traditional. Thinking only of the original aesthetics, however, is not enough. You need to take care of your new thing, because pollution, dust and unwanted spills are enemies of rugs.

Understand the basic rules that you must observe to extend their lives:

  • Observe manufacturer’s instructions – there’s usually a tag or sticker. Do not show off whims about cleaning, humidity, etc. You could damage the accessory cover and not be granted a warranty, if it happens. Be careful also in case of unintentional spills – also follow the strict instructions of the manufacturer. Some tissues are very delicate and do not allow the traditional treatment you are used to
  • Be careful when choosing a rug if you have pets – your favorite animal is number one but it is sadly the most threatened are all soft flooring. They tend to urinate on it, to twist the threads with nails and others. Worse is that once do do it, they would always feel the smell and do it on the same spot. Only an expert could remove the smell. Better bet on shorter shades in dark shades to insure more
  • Vacuum frequently – this step is important because different debris, dust and small grains of sand could be stuck in the fabric as it tramples over them. In the meantime, this will have a negative impact on the type of rug. Do it at least 1-2 times a week. Before starting work, check for larger stones or other items that can be removed by hand. Then use only the pipe that sucks the dirt. Using the rotating brush of the vacuum cleaner can cause damage. The plot is small, so it will not make you difficult. It is possible to use antibacterial powders, but you have to test a small part to see how they will work on the tissue. At least once a month, clean the underside of the carpet
  • Take care of spills instantly – wipe immediately with a white cloth or paper to get as little fluid as possible into the yarn. If the spill is heavy, use a dry cloth. Then moisten slightly another, which is clean, and wipe again. Repeat the procedure several times, making sure there is no rubbing in the fabric. The goal is to absorb as much liquid as possible. Do your best if you want to enjoy the beautiful accessory for a long time
  • Clean the stains – in case you do what you need, but there is still a visible spot, you have to find another solution. Better bet on security – call a professional company. If the size of the carpet is not large, the price will be relatively acceptable. In case you decide to take the stains yourself, effective solution is warm water, white vinegar and dishwashing detergent. All ingredients are in equal amounts. They work well on mud, wine, coffee and juice. There are other options depending on the type of pollution
  • Do a deep cleaning at least once a year – experts recommend once a year or twice to apply a suitable accessory technique. This will sanitize, refresh and prolong his life. Keep in mind that professional companies are aware of how to treat any surface, but you could make gross errors

Deep rugs cleaning – professionals offer the best method


Before undertaking any cleaning, the professionals inspect the overall condition of the carpet. They observe for holes, tangled strands, the type of fringes, serious dirt, damage from tissue staining, and others. All this is necessary to be aware of every moment and follow-up.

Some problems are possible for removal, but others are not. Experienced staff will always do what they can for you, but you also have to keep your belongings. The least you can do is to quickly wipe the stain and then look for it without a long delay

Professional removal of pollution

Тhis is the step in which you would take a vacuum. The positive here is that special equipment is used, which produces all debris. The vacuum cleaner at home has no similar power and function. Thanks to the machines, all hair, dust, animal fur and other dirt will be deeply eliminated. The cleaning is on both sides. If no such action is taken, the subsequent cleaning will not be so effective

Washing the carpet

Оnce all the junk has been removed, the important wash is coming. Special ecologically clean preparations of high quality are used. You can rest assured that there will be no damage to the carpet. It moistens on both sides and shampoos. Again, special equipment is used for this purpose, which is intended for professional use. Moisture is abundant when done in a special base, but it is also possible to clean it at home – using steam machines or other methods to the fabric


Wet dirt extraction has already been applied. After thorough application of detergent it is necessary to remove it from the flooring. It is done by rinsing. You can rest assured that there will not be a minimum amount of detergent because the technicians know the job. The so called “washing” with cold water is made until the water becomes completely clean. Rinses on both sides of the carpet

Hot Water extraction

This stage in the whole process is one of the most labor-intensive when it comes to home cleaning. Experts, however, do not even worry, even with excessive humidity because they have a technique that produces incredible results. it won’t be a minute before you can put the rug on the floor again and step on it. With the right technology, rapid drying is no problem, and the carpet will not form mold and mold

Finishing stage

The real professional fills things up to the last detail. The fibers are “tangled” in the initial direction, the fringes are also cleaned and left in order. After complete inspection and complete drying, the carpet is packed and delivered to the home or office in a brilliant look. It’s time to just put it on the ground and enjoy the view

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