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Everyone likes to have all windows, mirrors, and any other glass surfaces clean and shining. But it is not a surprise that it requires a lot of effort to keep them in proper condition. And it is hard to find anything more annoying than handprints on glass or spots left from drops of water, especially in the bathroom. More advice about bathroom cleaning you can find by the link here.

We in Optima Cleaners are sure that care of mirrors and windows is a sort of art as well as any other cleaning activity. And in this article, you will find useful insights on how to keep every glass surface at home shining and sparkling.

The mainstream approach where we use store-bought detergent and a rag or paper towel are not that perfect. It can leave lint and worse streaks. The second thing is bad because streaks can be a sign that the surface was damaged and the trace will stay no matter how careful you try to clean the mirror for example. But no worries, we have a solution for you.

First of all, the cleaner you are buying in a store might not be the best fit for surfaces you are cleaning. It can be too strong and can damage the surface or the opposite too weak and don’t give expected results. So what you can do is to create your cleaner. It will at the same time save your money and give you better results in the end. For making your homemade cleaner use the empty bottle from the store-bought one. You need 2 tablespoons of ammonia, 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol, and 1/4 teaspoon mild non-antibacterial dishwashing liquid. You can spray this substance as well as the cleaner from the store and wipe the surface.

Another thing you can do is to stop using rugs and paper towels. Instead, take any old newspaper, crumple it up and wipe the window or mirror with it. To polish the surface, take another, dry sheet of newspaper.

A very good solution for removing streaks might sound a little unexpecting. The tool you can use is familiar to you from school years blackboard eraser. If you have it by chance at home – fantastic, but if not it is very easy to find it in a store. After washing the glass surface with the methods we mentioned above or with using traditional glass cleaner just use the eraser. Make sure that it is clean and dry and run it over the washed surface. It will remove all streaks and make your mirror or window shine.

A useful tip for you if you want to start cleaning your windows right after reading the article. While washing, avoid direct sunlight if it is possible of course. You can do it in the morning or evening. In case you are cleaning a glass surface in the room, you can just close the curtains. The reason to do it is very simple. When direct sun rays are falling on widows while they are wet the drop traces appear. Afterward, it is very hard to wipe them. And when we leave those traces on the surface, they are attracting and collecting dust and dirt.

To avoid streaks appearing we recommend you use a squeegee. With help of this tool, you can easily remove all water drops with a few quick moves. After you try to use it for the first time, you feel the difference. This thing makes polishing effortless and easy. Besides, you can use the squeegee after cleaning walls or doors, it works perfectly for them as well.

In conclusion, we want to highlight that the most important thing for you is to avoid prints and streaks on the surface and it will have diamond-bright shining. Check the rest of the articles from our home care blog. And don’t forget that we are back very soon with a brand new portion of clever-cleaning ideas.

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