A Guide to Cleaning Your House Efficiently

November 13, 2020 -

Cleaning your home can be a gruelling task. Whether you like to let it become a mess and bring it back to spotless all in one day or you keep it tidy throughout the week, there are a few tips that you can utilise to make your house cleaning more efficient.

Work by Room

Instead of tackling your whole house at once, clean one room at a time. Breaking your home down into easy-to-accomplish sections makes cleaning the house seem much less daunting.

Start with the room you hate cleaning the most. For some, this could be the bathroom or kitchen. Others may not mind scrubbing their toilets but abhor making their beds. Beginning with the activities you hate doing the most will make the rest of your tidying seem like a cake walk.

Work From Top to Bottom

As you dust off the blades of your ceiling fan or wipe off counters, debris falls. Following the path of gravity, these debris collect on the floor. Begin your cleaning adventure with the very top of the room. This could involve dusting away cobwebs in the corner of your ceiling or taking down your curtains to give them a quick wash.

Work your way down. Once the ceiling is clear of mess, move to the next highest surface, such as the top shelf of a bookshelf, a counter, or even a bed. Continuing the trend, make your way to the floor. Now you can clean your floor confident that no debris will be falling onto the freshly scrubbed surface.

Start Soaking

Activities that will take a while to complete should be started early in the day. Bedding that needs to be washed should be stripped and thrown into the washing machine as soon as you encounter that room.

For dishes that need to be soaked, start them first when you begin cleaning your kitchen. Place them into a sudsy sink or your dishwasher while you clean the portion of your kitchen with the highest altitude.

One activity that should be left until the very end of that room’s cleaning agenda is carpet cleaning. Carpets should be washed on an annual basis. Carpet can be washed more often if you suffer from dust or mould allergies as this cleaning will contain and remove any allergens in your carpet.

Freshly washed carpet should not be treaded on as it dries. Walking on wet carpet will not only transfer any dirt from your feet or shoes on to the carpet but will also cause compaction of the fibres. This compaction will cause mats in the carpet that are unsightly and will not dry properly. If carpet is not allowed to fully dry, mould and mildew can take root in the carpet or its padding underneath.

Clean Throughout the Week

When going about your daily life, you create messes. Dishes pile up in the sink, dust collects on your shelves, and your laundry basket turns into a war zone.

To avoid spending your entire weekend cleaning, tidy up throughout the week. You can keep your home tidy throughout the week by cleaning up messes as they arise, and/or you can create a cleaning schedule. Your schedule could constitute one room cleaned per day, such as all bathrooms get a scrub down on Tuesday, the kitchen gets freshened up on Wednesday, or whatever you feel like.

Keeping a home tidy is part of the responsibility of being a home owner or renter. Don’t let messes get away from you and work by rooms to make cleaning easier on yourself.

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