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Wondering what is the best way to clean carpets? Are you aware of all the options for your soft flooring, according to the type of workmanship? It give the room the warmth and natural feeling, but such investment also needs good ongoing maintenance and deep cleaning. A large amount of microbes and dust particles that have a negative effect on human health are easily retained in the carpet. Do yourself a favour and make sure that you and your family enjoy a clean and tidy environment. Apply some reliable methods that can be done on their own and without too much money. If they do not work, the professionals will always assist you. They will clean your carpet in the best way.

Stages of implementation of the most reliable methods for cleaning carpets


Prepare the cleaning room – remove all the messy objects on the ground – toys, small tables, fragile servicing, statuettes and more. It will be easier for you to clean the carpet precisely. Take a closer look also for smaller items – coins, pins, etc. that could damage the vacuum cleaner mechanism.

Remove the dust

Clean the dust from the furniture, the blinds, the sills, etc., because it is easily spread in the air. A cleaner carpet will be contaminated much more quickly if you do not take these measures. So your efforts will be in vain and you will again live in an unhealthy environment. It is possible for the blinds and ledges to drop a solid amount of dust particles, which can then be picked up with a vacuum cleaner. Use a nozzle for hard-to-reach areas, where it is also advisable to go with a vacuum cleaner

Pass the whole carpet with a vacuum cleaner

Make consecutive horizontal and vertical lines to make sure that no space remains unclean. It is advisable to move the furniture from the carpet, if any. Of course, if they are not too heavy. This process takes place on all sides because the fibers are twisted. This is the only way to thoroughly clean the dust, hair and fallen pets from your pet
It is advisable to go regularly with a vacuum cleaner, even more if you cohabit with pets and have children. Animals are very dirty, and it is beneficial for children to inhale fresh air and live in clean rooms.

Use of household stains to clean carpet stains

Wipe the spot instantly – no matter what the spill is due to, you should take a clean white cloth or kitchen paper. Then gently tap the liquid that has been retained on the surface. The goal is not to get into the fibers but to remove it

Choose the right home remedy

There are many variations of home remedies that can help you clean up certain stains. Bet first on these harmless techniques before moving on to more serious solutions or professional cleaning. You should consider some peculiarities of the types of stains.

For example, the fresh blood spot requires cold water rather than warm water. Urine is one of the most serious dirt because it is accompanied by an extremely unpleasant odor. Include vinegar, lemon or essential oils in the home preparation to replace the bad scent

Test the solution or paste

Always test the cleaner – on a small, unobtrusive area, for example under the furniture. Some ingredients used in cooking and cleaning have bleaching agents. They are useful for white carpets but not for the colored ones. To be convinced that you will not hurt the pavement, do a test by waiting for a while.

Once it works, it will become clear whether to proceed on the rest or to switch to another solution or paste

Rub or spraying the affected area with the homemade preparation

You are able to apply the product to a clean white cloth or paper and lightly absorb the stain. The other option is to spray with an atomizer, wait and wipe the stain. If the stain is older or the stain is larger, take a suitable scrub brush

Rinse the carpet

Again use clean wipes and clean water. Do not overdo it with moisture, perhaps with a small amount of water to remove the household preparation completely. Otherwise, mold will be formed from the absorbed water

Take care to dry the carpet

Make a drain, turn on a humidifier or direct fans to the carpet. Do not step on the carpet before it dries

Hot water and shampoo cleaning at home

  • Prepare the room – the procedure is identical to that of the vacuum technology, but it is advisable to place additional pads on the legs of the furniture.
  • Move with a vacuum cleaner – again, it should cover the whole space, to the smallest corner. Perform the procedure from top to bottom and then from left to right
  • Choose a suitable carpet shampoo – you must have a scrubber and shampoo. You can both buy or rent for a while. This will save you money. When looking for a shampoo, observe the composition and the application. It should be an environmentally friendly product that can be used for the type of fabric of your carpet
  • Prepare the solution as directed and try a small part on the rug – read the packaging carefully and follow the instructions. Experts even recommend using less than the specified amount. Take a sample on an area underneath the furniture or in one of the corners
  • Clean in succession – Once a clean carpet should not be stepped until it does not dry out completely. So start at the innermost end of the room and end up at the end that is next to the door
  • Let the carpet dry completely – excessive moisture is harmful to the carpet. Take care during cleaning. It should then be left to dry completely because it can quickly become dirty again. To speed up the process, open the windows and doors. It would be great if the weather is sunny. Additional assistants include ventilators and moisture absorbers

In areas with high traffic, more frequent treatment of carpet fibers is required in this way. This will extend your life and keep your carpet in good shape.

Professional carpet cleaning in Brisbane

Nevertheless, the suggestion above needs a careful touch and a bit of understanding. You wouldn’t want to jeopardise your carpet for the sake of saving hundred bucks. The most appropriate solution, if you are not familiar with how to treat the type of tissue, is to trust a specialist. Not in vain, their schedule is full. They daily patrol from one place to another to help carpet owners. They have professional equipment and know the best way to clean your carpet. They will treat the fibers by steam cleaning, dry method, apply scoring and all that is needed. This is almost a sure way of eliminating any pollution, unless it is too old.

In addition, they will save you time, effort and wandering in the right direction. In case you have the opportunity to spend extra money, you could benefit from the post-cleaning service. Thanks to it, you will get an invisible layer of protection that will prevent the penetration of fluids in depth. This will save your beautiful investment for longer.

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